So Hurricane Irene is approaching us now. It’s been raining pretty good since about 10am, mostly heavy spurts then lighter ones. Not many winds.

We really won’t be hit till late tonight into tomorrow AM.

I’ve done all I can to prepare. Everything important is off the floor in the basement or in plastic tubs. I have a feeling we may finally be cleaning that basement out now! I’ve also sandbagged the basement windows as best as I can, which often is where water runs in.

Picked up the entire yard as best as possible yesterday. Brought as much crap in that I could, the rest I put in trash cans and stored/braced.

We have been told to prep for power outages. We have a wood burning stove fortunately, so we can cook. I have to go rearrange the freezers now as best as possible – a tip I just heard on the news.

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