So if you live on the East Coast, you probably felt the quake we had today. Even though there is a giant fault line under the east coast, we haven’t historically been prone to quakes . . . till now? Over the past few years my mom/brother in Virginia have felt very tiny ones. I was home once with the dogs and I slept through one, but the dogs woke my mom up right before it happened. She said it just felt like a large truck going up the street.

However there was no sleeping through this one . . . mainly cause I was awake. It did center in Virginia, but was felt up and down the coast. Facebook friends all the way in Oh Canada! even felt it. West Coasters are of course laughing at us, saying our quake is nothing. But for those who never experienced something like this, it was shocking to scary.

To be honest, at first I thought my cats were fighting. My PCs started rocking as I sat in front of them (yes them) and I starting trying to find where the cats under the table fighting were. When I realized I couldn’t find them, I looked around. I noticed the bookshelf was rocking, and the hanging lights in the kitchen were swaying. So I texted John “Did we just have an earthquake?” . . . but before he could answer my brother in Virginia IM’d me that they just got hit too. It took 5 minutes for my facebook to begin exploding, and now the news has taken over TV.

Wow my first earthquake! We might have another due to the laughter from those on the West Coast 😉

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  1. West coaster here. Earthquakes are scary!!! No one who has been
    through a big one is laughing at you.

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