So Irene came and went, and we survived. We did lose power at around 9:30 Saturday night and it didn’t come back until about 9:30 am on Sunday.

A lot of wind, a lot of rain, but we were spared any real damage. Our basement only got minimal flooding. I think our new gutters saved us, as we’ve seen it so much worse from so much less rain.

The only wind damage was to my sunflowers. They are pretty much all toast. I had to cut down half, the half that remain I think will have to come down shortly as they don’t look good. The tomatoes survived!

I don’t think our neighbors faired as well. I heard a lot of chainsaws yesterday in the distance. I guess they lost some trees. A huge tree fell aways down the road. Actually it split off the truck half way up!

We are still under a flood watch until tomorrow, but we are pretty safe here. Other people near creeks or rivers have it much much worse. Parts of Philly really got devastated.

2 Replies to “I Survived Irene! Where’s My Shirt?”

  1. Just got back from Jen’s. The Tuesday before I left we had the earthquake aftershocks in Weirton, WV. I flew out on wednesday and Saturday Irene hit. Enough excitement for my lifetime!! Glad you had minimal damage—Jen had tree branches down and about an inch of water in the entire basement–things lost but not lives! Driving through the area today annd seeing the devestation from flooding and winds was unbelievable. Palmyra was very lucky.

    How did the animals react?

  2. The cats didn’t care. Princess didn’t seem to care. Nikko was a bit freaked. He slept outside the bedroom door all night. I would have let him in, but without any electricity, it was hot enough without a stinky dog in the room that had no air circulation at all 🙂

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