Sequestered With A Woman With No Lips!

John got called for jury duty and is at the all day selection process. He somehow always gets called, but normally escapes duty somehow. This time they got him. He’ll know by the end of the day if he has to serve on a jury or not. I keep teasing him that he’s gunna get sequestered in a room with a lady with no lips and a big box of June Allison bladder pads 🙂

I have 10 some pounds of turkey sitting in my fridge. Would anyone like some? I really don’t know what I was thinking, other than I’d never cooked a real turkey before, and the idea of grilling it made it a fun challenge. I’ve been having turkey sandwiches for two days now and I’m over it. I’d give it to the dogs, but it would probably give them the sharts. I’ve been told to make turkey soup out of it. I guess I’ll have to look up a recipe. I’m not much of a soup guy though, unless it’s egg drop or miso soup . . . tofuuuuuu!

Moo Kitty is now on my every last nerve. He is stilling peeing around the house, and we now realize he is doing it out of spite and to try and regain his lost control. Several times he’s done it right as I’m standing there too . . . the little shit. He’s no longer alpha kitty and he does not like that. The other three cats are now terrorizing him. Even the old 14 year old cat is jumping on him! I just don’t know what to do. I told John how are we to go away in January for a week, we’ll come back and he’ll have peed on everything!

Anyway, I got the Jesus lights on the front of the house. I’ll take some photos tonight and post them. I really want some for the bushes, but I don’t want to spend anymore money on lights. John wants to use the purple halloween lights, but I said they aren’t Christmasy enough. Maybe if we mixed some white in, but like I said, I don’t feel like spending anymore money.

I haven’t even started on the inside yet. I’ll do that later this week I guess (after the house gets cleaned).

*Update* He didn’t make the jury.


2 Responses to “Sequestered With A Woman With No Lips!”

Kathryn Says:

Freeze the turkey. You can use it later for turkey salad, soups, and casseroles.


Aravis Says:

You could put Moo Kitty in a kitty kennel while you’re gone. Start saving up! *G*