So Thanksgiving dinner is underway! I am off to a late start. Went out last night, got home way late, slept in way late. Oops! John won’t be home till 4ish anyways.

I shall continue to update this with pictures or disaster stories as the day goes on . . .

On the menu is Turkey of course. Not only is this my first time cooking a semi-real turkey, but I decided to be difficult and grill it. We’ll see how that one goes. I have the oven to pop it in as a back-up, and a turkey loin thingy as a real back-up!

The turkey is looking very golden, I just can’t seem to get it to 170 degrees . . . grrr! It may have to get popped in the oven!

I’m also making twice baked potatoes, which I learned how to do from my friend Laura 🙂 They are cooking in the oven as we speak. They are done and look to die for!

Also to be made near the end, Pillsbury Crescents, some cornbread with cranberry sauce (cause I hate that stuff on it’s own) and Stove Top! Emily thinks it’s blasphemy, but I loves it.

For desert we’ll either do brownies or chocolate lava cakes. No I didn’t make a pie. I am not a pie fan, and I don’t feel the need to have one. Plus John I’m sure has had enough of pies at the farm the past few days.


6 Responses to “Cookin’ The Turkey!”

Desiree Gould Says:

Happy Thanksgiving! Your dinner sounds delicious ! … How could there be any mistakes … It’s Thanksgiving Day and you will do very well. Have fun! Your “blog” is really sweet, Dustin. Best always … Hugs, DG


Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Happy Thanksgiving Dustin! I’m thankful for crazy people like you who write this blog and the Primetime dish. You keep crazy people like me amused! You know they say that if you find someone like youself–you can’t be crazy–you’re normal! Thanks for keeping me “normal”!


Becky Says:

Stove Top is for weeknight dinners, not holidays 🙂 How did you make those twice bakes potatoes? I’ve been looking for a good recipe, but haven’t found one that I like.


Dustin Says:

I just googled and then kinda made it up as I went following suggestions from a lot of places, as well as my friend.

Used cottage cheese and paprika in one batch, sour cream and cayenne pepper in the other. The later is SPICY, I used too much pepper.

Both also had onions, cheddar cheese as well as a dash of mayo and a dash of dijon mustard.

I didn’t mash the taters enough, I think it should have been creamier. I was doing too much at once 😛

My friend puts hard boiled eggs in hers which I think also is good. Oh and Brocolli, but I was lazy like i said.


brettcajun Says:

I am just curious. Why didn’t you celebrate Thanksgiving with either of your family’s? Are you or your bf not welcomed there? What’s the background story?


Dustin Says:

My mom is in Virginia, and I worked up till Wednesday. I don’t relish traveling down there on that day, I’ve done it before and it’s a nightmare. Plus My BF works 24/7 on a family farm, even on Thanksgiving Day. So he couldn’t get away. However my mom loves my BF, so yes we’d be welcomed there.

His mom went to Texas as usual as one of her kids and family are down there, and it’s the only time she sees them usually. His other sister and her kids went to her husband’s family house, and no we wouldn’t be welcomed by her husband’s family. John would be tolerated, but it would be John and no guest allowed. Her husband is an asshole and a homophobe, she however is great as are their kids.

In the past his family has had dinner here, and I have gone, but I refuse to go anymore because of the sister’s husband. I will not sit at a table and have dinner with someone who is going to scowl at me, refuse to speak to me, and generally can’t even be civil.