Thanksgiving Plans

First up, the shoutbox is back! After I could not figure it out, I emailed my awesome hosts and within 5 minutes had a reply and everything was fixed. If you ever need a new host, I highly recommend them. Anytime I’ve had an issue I’ve had a response within 5-10 minutes from them.

Okay moving on, it looks like Thanksgiving will be me cooking dinner again. I had planned on it, but this year I’m actually cooking for two (maybe three). John’s mom has gone to Texas every year for the past few years. His sister, the kids, and the thing have been going to one of the thing’s other grown kids (1st marriage) house. John and his brother usually get invites to dine with a family of a guy that works at the farm. I went one year, but skipped last year as I had started my boycott and simply found it awkward. Plus I also just don’t like going to spend Thanksgiving with someone else’s family that I really don’t know. Even more awkward!

This year John’s brother is going elsewhere, and the farm guy and family are going to see his huge family up in Boston. So it might just be me and John, though the brother might always decide to stay . . . who knows.

I bought a small young turkey (the kind with the legs removed) which only is about 11 pounds. I thought that was plenty for me and maybe John. His brother however has a large appetite. I planned to attempt to grill it, but wasn’t sure how well that would turn out. I had planned turkey burgers in case it didn’t :-\ I’m now thinking maybe I need a backup cheap turkey just to be safe! – – – Though I don’t need to end up with an excess of turkey honestly.

Maybe I’ll finally look up what Turkey Hash is (“Christmas Story”) and make it?

John is also very excited to see “Burlesque,” so we’ll probably be checking it out as well.


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Plans”

anonymous Says:

Hey Dustin! I found your blog by googling your name. I loved your soap website and was sad when you chose to move on, but I understand. I was wondering if you still watch Days of Our Lives, and what you think of it today?


Aravis Says:

Randy’s family is coming over, as they do every year, and one of the family friends as well. We always order our Thanksgiving meal from the store where Randy works, sparing us both from the cooking and a lot of the cleaning.

His family really doesn’t like each other, so I kind of dread this each year. The family friend joined us a couple of years ago, though, and she made a big difference in the atmosphere. Hopefully that happens again, because it gets harder and harder to bite my tongue when they start bitching at each other, or following me around to bitch to me about the others. *sigh* Your quiet Thanksgiving sounds heavenly to me right about now.