Jesus Lights 2010!

So here are some quick light photos. Stills don’t do it justice, cause everything blinks. I need to get a movie of it. The icicles along the top all look like they are melting. Down below on the railings are more icicles, but these blink, flash, drip and have a more complex pattern of lights. The snowflakes just blink, and one strand needs replacing still (I need the ladder damnit!). Finally the colored lights around the windows run through a million different color patterns.


3 Responses to “Jesus Lights 2010!”

Aravis Says:

It looks really nice!


brettcajun Says:

Looks beautiful. Congrats.


raulito Says:

Yeah, it is all beautiful…but there will come a time when you have to take it all down and that is when I go for a rusty old razor blade and apply it to my wrists with abandon.

happy holidays bud