What Deity Did I Piss Off?

I am feeling a bit cursed right now, as well as a bit of deja vous. It’s the first week of classes at R-University, and I’m coming down with a cold. I knew it was coming on this weekend, and try as I might to fight it with vitamin C, zinc and rest . . . I woke up feeling horrible this morning. I am so glad I planned an easy first week, with a movie for the second day of class (knowing half of them wouldn’t have books yet and half wouldn’t read anything yet). By Friday I don’t know how much of a voice I’ll have to speak with, as I’m raspy now.

Next week after Labor Day M-University starts up. I should hopefully be feeling better by then. Sadly it looks like I’m gunna be sick for my birthday weekend. WTF Baby Jesus! This happened to me last year too on my birthday. I caught some bug and just felt yucky all day. Grrrrr! Not that I had plans to do anything, but still.


3 Responses to “What Deity Did I Piss Off?”

brand new w Says:

Oil of oregano!!!! get some, it’s amazing! hope u feel better soon!


Aravis Says:

I hope this clears up quickly- feel better soon!


Becky Says:

Sorry you’re feeling icky. Hope it goes away and you feel better quickly!