Last night was the Scissor Sisters concert at the Electric Factory here in philly. It was soooo much fun. We got there really early, and the place was dead. I was worried it wouldn’t be a good turn out, but by time they took the stage the place was packed.

We, for some reason, just climbed to the top/back of the place. The upstairs is where the adults go to drink, the downstairs for the underage and those who want to mosh. John kept commenting how everyone seemed so olllllddddd. I said you were the one who wanted to come all the way up here!

My camera/phone didn’t get really good photos when they were playing. Too many bright lights and it kept washing out. I did get some good ones during songs they had trippy light shows going.

I also got a few good vids of them playing. Here are two of them . . . .

Kiss You Off My Lips

Take Your Mama Out All Night

3 Replies to “Scissor Sisters!”

  1. i’m so torn whether or not to go see them when they get here later this month for an outdoor show! that means, general admission and do i really want to deal with fighting for a good spot? i’ve also already seen them in an intimate club venue before and that was awesome. Plus i only like maybe half of their new album? is it worth it to go?

  2. I’m not crazy about the new album much either, but it was a good mix of the new songs and older ones. I had fun. It was general admission here too.

  3. i’d probably be like you guys and climb to the back to avoid the moshing!

    re: Vibes – omg I can’t believe someone else other than me saw this movie!! I like how you see the fun in it! It’s definitely a screwball comedy of sorts!!

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