2 Month Countdown!

So I had originally been planning to bring Facebook sometime after next week, which is when I go back to work, as well as my birthday. However I realized today that I was surviving without it just fine (and Twitter too). I thought maybe it would be a good idea not to race back into the addiction. I also hung out with some school BFFs, and they too had since pretty much given up on the thing (one had gone offline as well).

Following up on a previous posting, I did finally bite the bullet and book a cruise. Well I should say I put a deposit down on one. I, and friends, have till the end of October to decide if we will go. The boat I wanted was filling up, and I was afraid the price would just keep going up at this point (which it was when I booked it).

So the date the final payment for the cruise is due is October 27th . . . Which in fact is 2 months from now. I’ve decided that this is “the date” to aim for on all fronts. I had said I wouldn’t book a cruise till I defended, and there was a reason for that, aside from it being a reward. If I defend anytime before January 21st (or whenever the Spring semester starts), I do not have to pay another semester of tuition. If things dragged out, I might not be able to go on vacation in lieu of defending.

For me defending before that date is a must on many levels. First, I really don’t want to go into another new year with this over my head, I want to be done! Second, I’m tired of tuition! I don’t know if I’ve ever stated it, but I did not take out loans to put myself through school. I worked and saved to pay everything on my own, including having to fund my own research (cause I didn’t get initial grants I applied for, and didn’t want to wait around to try again a year later).

Therefore, October 27th is the date. I want a defense date set by then (or at least a projected one). This means getting the final draft done and in tip-top shape. For once I am actually feeling good about things. I just came off another 2 week writing camp and am feeling really good about where things are, and where I can be by that date. Make no mistake, it will take hard core discipline, and I might not be having much fun at all the next two months 🙂 However usually when I sit down to write and edit, I am overcome with panic attacks and/or get frustrated. I amassed far too much data for my dissertation, probably in hindsight enough for 2 of them. Dealing with this, and the fact that I’m a perfectionist, hasn’t been fun 🙂 But right now I feel like I’m over the hump, and I am managing it all pretty well. I just have to continue this feeling when I go back to work (luckily for once I’m not teaching a new class, so I’m hoping it will be easy).

Perhaps I will consider October 27th as the date for my return to Facebook too? Or perhaps I should say the latest point I’ll return to it. Here is hoping final drafts get turned in, approved and dates set far before then 🙂

Anyways, right now? I’m off to do a little more writing, then tonight to see the Scissor Sisters in concert! I do in fact feel like dancing too 🙂


5 Responses to “2 Month Countdown!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Dustin–you know that I will be your cheerleader with that defense! Perfectionist—yep–it shows in everythig that you do and when it’s not perfect you beat yourself up!!

You’ve set dates–something that you haven’t done—reasonable, workable ones at that! Better the money in your pocket instead of Temple’s–heck they would love to keep you hanging—line their bank account and deplete yours—-no way. When you set those deadlines–set up a reward for each–but be reasonable–a bad week of the allergies with migranes isn’t your fault so forgive yourself and go on!

OOps–do I sound like a mom—sorry–but I care about all of your work and look so forward to your ability to say—DONE!!! If I ever more near the girls and grandson I’ll make sure I see you to give you a huge hug and a celebratory (?) drink!!

If the cruise doesn’t happen because of finances—reward yourself in other ways and plan next year. Remember you can’t pay for everyone!

Have fun tonight after writing–and when you are crazy dancing—remember there’s a crazy Nan in WV cheering for you!


Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Can’t type–move not more near the girls!!!


BasketRN Says:

Dustin-All of us are behind you in getting your dissertation done and defended. You will get it done, and your cruise will be all the sweeter!


Aravis Says:

Sounds like a great plan. I can only imagine your relief once you finally defend. You’ve been working on this for as long as I’ve known you. What will you do with all your spare time? *G*


Jeremy Says:

Having been a reader for a LONG TIME, I must say that it is time already to defend!!! Get it done with. You are almost there. Can I get an AMEN !!!

It’s been a long road to get here, so don’t loose your MOJO !!!
Keep us posted.