What A Wonder!

John got me these GIANT wall decals of Wonder Woman for my birthay. The one of her is so f’ing big I currently don’t have a free wall to hang it on in the Wonder Woman room! I guess I’m going to have to step up my plans for turning it into the office area, and the other spare/junk room into the downstairs guest room.

I also really love the artistic/design of these. I think when I finally get that Wonder Woman tattoo I’ll use bring these in for the artist to use 🙂


5 Responses to “What A Wonder!”

Janelle Says:

Happy Birthday!!! (I know I’m late, but I hope the thought still counts 🙂 )


Becky Says:

Those posters look awesome. Hopefully you’ll take pics when they’re up on the walls 🙂 Hope you felt good enough to go out and have some fun. And happy birthday a little late!


Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Great posters! Happy Birthday —late–sorry. Hope you’re feeling better. I agree—post pictures when you’re working on displaying the posters. Definitely the best for your tattoo.


Aravis Says:

Cool! And happy birthday!!


Sherri Says:

A belated Happy Birthday to you Dustin. I do believe you like your gift 🙂 Enjoy!