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Ghost Room 201

So after a looooong night of mojo hunting, I got home in the weee hours of the morning. Our housekeepers were set to show up this morning, and I just decided I’d take the dogs and lock ourselves in the guest room and let them clean the rest of the house. This was not only the longest time I’d ever spent in that room, including sleeping in there . . . but apparently the first time the dogs had ever been in the room.

Almost immediately the dogs darted straight under the bed. This was a problem, because the bed is seated high up on coasters, and it’s become a bit unstable as of late. I had also had a dream the night before that Princess refused to ride in the car when travelling, she insisted on running under the car as I drove. I of course was paranoid I’d run her over. I decided because of this dream, they couldn’t stay under the bed. In fact, the bed did get a little tipsy later on!

After a bit of coaxing I got them out from under the bed and up on top with me. There they just stood alert looking around for a good long while. At some point they eventually settled down. I wondered what they were seeing, but as I was so dead tired at that point, I didn’t care too much. I just went to sleep. As far as I know, the ghost didn’t bother me . . . but now I feel like I’ve invaded his territory.

Dum dum dum dum!

An Adventure

I am on an adventure with Shmoo. We have gone looking for my mojo 🙂 I lost it at some point this summer and that is why I think I’m not myself. Where can it be? Shall find it tonight?

*update!* I found some amazing holiday decor. Christmas … Halloween … Both! It’s Satan Clause. See if found some mojo already!

Deleted . . . PS Update

Once again I found myself twittering tonight, then very angry.

Twitter and Facebook both permanently deleted tonight.

Not returning.

Fly away bird, fly fly away . . . it does not return . . . . *clap clap clap*

PS, who knew it actually was possibly to permanently delete your Facebook! It is!

*PS UPDATE* I am writing a longer post to address this one more in detail 🙂 What is gone, what is saved, what needs to be changed big time before I can go back to it. However as usual, I’m multi tasking a million things right now, and a friend is coming over soon and we might be going out . . . some fun will do me good 😛 (especially since the last two times I tried to plan going out, they all fell through)

Too Scary!

I found a new app, and I have to say I’m gunna have a WHOLE lot of fun with this come Halloween. To think, I was actually considering not decorating this year after the horrific winds of last. I just need to remember to hit Home Depot for the supplies I need to keep things from blowing away this year . . . and pray we don’t get the hurricane force winds again.

Bees and Redness!

I don’t know why my photos keep getting turned sideways, but tilt your head to the left 🙂

I’m now getting lots of sunflowers. Unfortunately they are attracting a lot of bees too. Within a few days my pretty sunflowers have been torn apart by bees it seems. Grrrr! I am still hoping to grow them again next year though. Next year I’ll make sure to start a lot of seedlings inside in the spring.

I’m also finally getting some red tomatoes. I have two almost ripe, and many on the way. I only picked medium sized ones for the Topsy Turvys, so nothing too huge (like beefsteaks).

Let’s see . . . it looks like Sunday will be a fun night out on the town! I did get out last Tuesday too with some friends. We just bar hopped. As it was mid week, it was dead . . . and odd in most places. Lots of Karaoke . . . bad Karaoke! Sunday however is 80s night at a local club. Ooo Ooo! So I’ll hopefully get some good photos. It almost makes me wanna revive Twitter and Facebook.

BTW, I’m still on a break from those two social services. I get emails every other day from people wondering where my profile has gone to. It’s vanished, like David Copperfield into the Great Wall of China! I tried going back on Twitter a few times, but then read things that made me pissy and left quickly. Again, maybe one day in the future I’ll be back, we’ll see. I’m shocked I’ve made it this long actually!

Life Is A Flower

So the past few days have brought the threat of severe storms. I decided to take some photos of my gardens, in case they get ravaged by mother nature.

The Zinnias have really come around out front . . . and no more evil garden muncher either!

The sunflowers need water and are drooping a bit. I hadn’t watered them much because every day it’s been looking like rain. I finally watered them today though.

My tomatoes are getting big and green, I just wish they’d turn red. I don’t want to be making fried green tomatoes for the rest of the season. The eggplants however are exploding to the point I’m having to freeze them because I’m getting more than I care to eat.

Yeah I know I was gunna post something other than garden updates 🙂 I’ve been getting a lot of email and comments as to where facebook/twitter went. I’ve been taking a break from both. I’ve just been VERY stressed out, and probably will continue be for the next month as I race to get a lot of work done. So I just decided I didn’t need Twitter/Facebook around right now where it is far to easy to send out bitchfest tweets/updates. With the blog I actually have to log in, compose, then publish. However I have been neglecting the blog, not on purpose though. I’ve just been busy.

Oh I did get my brand new 26 dollar La Tar Jay bookshelf fully filled with all my games and DVDs.

P.S. Monster Mania in about 2 weeks! I’m not going to skip this one either like I did with the one in March. A good time will be had!