Life Is A Flower

So the past few days have brought the threat of severe storms. I decided to take some photos of my gardens, in case they get ravaged by mother nature.

The Zinnias have really come around out front . . . and no more evil garden muncher either!

The sunflowers need water and are drooping a bit. I hadn’t watered them much because every day it’s been looking like rain. I finally watered them today though.

My tomatoes are getting big and green, I just wish they’d turn red. I don’t want to be making fried green tomatoes for the rest of the season. The eggplants however are exploding to the point I’m having to freeze them because I’m getting more than I care to eat.

Yeah I know I was gunna post something other than garden updates 🙂 I’ve been getting a lot of email and comments as to where facebook/twitter went. I’ve been taking a break from both. I’ve just been VERY stressed out, and probably will continue be for the next month as I race to get a lot of work done. So I just decided I didn’t need Twitter/Facebook around right now where it is far to easy to send out bitchfest tweets/updates. With the blog I actually have to log in, compose, then publish. However I have been neglecting the blog, not on purpose though. I’ve just been busy.

Oh I did get my brand new 26 dollar La Tar Jay bookshelf fully filled with all my games and DVDs.

P.S. Monster Mania in about 2 weeks! I’m not going to skip this one either like I did with the one in March. A good time will be had!


One Response to “Life Is A Flower”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Great to hear from you. The flowers are beautiful–keep watering them–the weatherman is never right!

Do miss your side bar tweets — understand that sometimes you rant and rave–that’s ok-we all do. But I also understand about stress and just one more commitment feels like the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Take care of yourself—get you paper work done–don’t forget to take time to play!

Lin/aka WV Nan