Bees and Redness!

I don’t know why my photos keep getting turned sideways, but tilt your head to the left 🙂

I’m now getting lots of sunflowers. Unfortunately they are attracting a lot of bees too. Within a few days my pretty sunflowers have been torn apart by bees it seems. Grrrr! I am still hoping to grow them again next year though. Next year I’ll make sure to start a lot of seedlings inside in the spring.

I’m also finally getting some red tomatoes. I have two almost ripe, and many on the way. I only picked medium sized ones for the Topsy Turvys, so nothing too huge (like beefsteaks).

Let’s see . . . it looks like Sunday will be a fun night out on the town! I did get out last Tuesday too with some friends. We just bar hopped. As it was mid week, it was dead . . . and odd in most places. Lots of Karaoke . . . bad Karaoke! Sunday however is 80s night at a local club. Ooo Ooo! So I’ll hopefully get some good photos. It almost makes me wanna revive Twitter and Facebook.

BTW, I’m still on a break from those two social services. I get emails every other day from people wondering where my profile has gone to. It’s vanished, like David Copperfield into the Great Wall of China! I tried going back on Twitter a few times, but then read things that made me pissy and left quickly. Again, maybe one day in the future I’ll be back, we’ll see. I’m shocked I’ve made it this long actually!


2 Responses to “Bees and Redness!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

I’ve never seen bees attack a sunflower–grew them around my deck for bird seed. I want the big ripew tomato—made me hungry for a fresh, juicy tomato. Guess i have to hit the Farmers’ Market Monday and hope for fresh tomatoes. I expect a detailed summary of the first tomato!

Enjoy yourself Sunday night!


Aravis Says:

I’ve missed you on Twitter, but understand. You’ve made great progress on the yard and gardens!