You Are My Sunshine, My Online Sunshine!

Taken a few days ago. I now have two flowers opened!

I had originally planned/tried to grow these all along the border/fence of the barnyard. They only seemed to take in a few areas, and others started to grow but died in our heat wave. A few days ago I finally got a flower though.

I keep meaning to post a real post. I have watched a few good movies recently I wanted to recommend, and talk about other things. Every time I start . . . I get distracted. A bigger post tomorrow, I’ll find something to talk about 🙂


4 Responses to “You Are My Sunshine, My Online Sunshine!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Beautiful–you are lucky it survived the heat. Happens to be one of my favorites. Nice to “hear’ from you.


BasketRN Says:

Dustin-you are getting a green thumb. That bloom is great. Enjoy!Nice hearing from you.


cb Says:

Hey bud— why ain’t you on twitter anymore?? 🙁


Aravis Says:

Pretty! And you could post about unexpected, uninvited visitors just popping ’round… *G*