Deleted . . . PS Update

Once again I found myself twittering tonight, then very angry.

Twitter and Facebook both permanently deleted tonight.

Not returning.

Fly away bird, fly fly away . . . it does not return . . . . *clap clap clap*

PS, who knew it actually was possibly to permanently delete your Facebook! It is!

*PS UPDATE* I am writing a longer post to address this one more in detail 🙂 What is gone, what is saved, what needs to be changed big time before I can go back to it. However as usual, I’m multi tasking a million things right now, and a friend is coming over soon and we might be going out . . . some fun will do me good 😛 (especially since the last two times I tried to plan going out, they all fell through)


4 Responses to “Deleted . . . PS Update”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Sorry that things got so bad but I’m glad you were able to take action that helped you. I hope you don’t give up the blog. Take care.


Christine Says:

What happened to make you so angry?


Dustin Says:

I’ll post a full post on it all soon. I just seem to only end up wanting to rant, bitch and moan on them anymore, and that’s no fun for me or anyone on my lists lol.


glittermom Says:

I loved when you had the twitter on your blog…but if it upsets you that bad I guess its for the best if its gone…