An Earthquake, And I Missed It!

So at 5:06am, a 3.6 earthquake hit the DC metro region, with the epicenter in Rockville, MD. I am home in Virginia at the moment . . . . and slept through the whole thing! We’ve only had one other minor quake in the region, and it was so long ago that I can’t remember if I felt it or not 🙂 These aren’t California sized quakes mind you. My mom said the whole house shook and it felt like a tank went down the street. A good clap of thunder can do that too.

My mom said the dogs went nuts about 45 minutes before the quake. Demanded to go outside, sniffed the ground all over. When they finally came in, moments before the quake hit, they went to alert again.

I can’t believe I slept through it! I’m so effin pissed! I know, weird, I wanted to be in an earthquake. Again this isn’t some 2012 or California type one, though we are on a major fault line here on the East Coast. Most don’t realize that, and one day we might get a big one and several of our cities will be in big trouble as most buildings aren’t built with earthquakes in mind.


One Response to “An Earthquake, And I Missed It!”

Aravis Says:

I keep waiting for The Big One, too. I remember an earthquake when I was a teen. It happened early in the morning while I was sleeping. Normally I’m a heavy sleeper, but I was awoken when my bed hit the floor with a thump! I didn’t feel it go up during the quake, but I felt it come down. Don’t know why it jumped, but it was a weird feeling!