One of my favorite groups is attempting to make a come back. That would be Ace of Base. Given the resurgence of electro-pop dance music, it’s not a shocker. The group continued to put out albums and singles in Europe, they just never made it here.

Unfortunately Linn and Jenny, the sister duo who were the singers, have left the band. Linn began to fade into the background after their third album, and by the fourth she could only be heard on a few tracks. She stopped touring with them long ago as well. Jenny ended up departing last fall/Christmas as well.

The two guys have tried to reform with two new girl singers. Unfortunately I feel they are a bit young (based on looks and voices). All we have from them is a 30 second demo of their upcoming single “All For You,” which was just released. It’s not much to go on. Right now I feel like it sounds a little too much like any generic dance song you might find on an itunes radio station geared towards dance music or your dance music channel on whatever cable system you have. The uniqueness that was the sisters’ voices as a duo aren’t here. It also sounds like they tried to find a clone for the blond sister Linn. Time will tell. I’ll have to hear the whole thing and more before I make a final decision on Ace of Base 2.0.

Meanwhile one of the original sisters Jenny has been doing her own thing. She’s recorded vocal tracks for other swedish groups and movies. Now she seems to be trying to make her own debut as a solo artist. Released in May, this is said to be her official first single from an upcoming album. Looks like there might be an Ace of Base music war going on soon!

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  1. I look forward to checking this out! I’ve heard a lot of grumblings for the last few years but glad to have the chance to see if I like it or not, rather than be told its all said and done with. Hereks hoping!

  2. curious to know if you have been watching Haven on syfy channel, it seems to be your type of show but I dont see it on your primtime blog..

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