Review: The Girl Who Played With Fire

This past weekend I finally got to see the second movie of “The Girl/Millennium” trilogy, “The Girl Who Played With Fire.” Definitely an interesting experience as where I saw it, the theater was filled with old people! I thought to myself, do they know what they are here for? Am I in the wrong theater? Watching a fairly graphic lesbian sex scene sitting next to two grandmas was . . . . uncomfortable.

The movie picked up a year after the first one left off. Mikael, the reporter, is out of jail and back working at the magazine Millennium. They are working on a new story involving a sex trade industry that several government and police officials are also involved in. Meanwhile Lisbeth, the girl, returns to Norway to deal with her mother’s death. Their paths cross once again when two people connected to Millennium and the story end up dead, then a third person ends up dead, and Lisbeth is fingered because the gun used to kill all three had her prints on it!

We find out a lot more about Lisbeth’s past in this film, and why she is troubled the way she is. It’s a great interweaving of a lot of characters from the first film and new ones introduced in this film. What I wasn’t too fond of was the fact that Mikael and Lisabeth don’t interact at all in this movie except through the computer. Their chemistry made the first film so great, so I missed that here. Also the end leaves a lot to be desired for. I kid you not when the entire theater groaned when the credits started to roll. From what I understand the final part is set to be released around October. It’s gunna be a long wait!

Another Two Thumbs Up for ass kicking goodness by Lisbeth! And some well deserved just deserts a few character had coming!


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Aravis Says:

I’m going to wait and see this one when it’s available on cable/Netflix for financial reasons, but am def. looking forward to it. I’ve recently been told that Hollywood is going to make their own versions of the books. TBH, I think I’ll much prefer the foreign versions. I suspect a Hollywood butchering is on the way.