So I had hoped this weekend would bring fun story posts as well as pictures. It was Monster Mania here in Jersey, but alas there was no Monster Mania for me. The friends I made there who I usually hang out with decided to pass on this one, but hope to make it for the August one. The guest list was amazing, but honestly no one I was dying to meet. Okay maybe one or two. However without people to hang out with, I decided it wasn’t really that worth it. Plus I have this conference paper I am supposed to be working on.

Another reason that kept me away was the massive monsoon that hit us this weekend. Holy hell, perhaps when I said no more snow, I should have wished for no more precipitation. It was just non-stop rain and wind from Friday through Saturday. It’s still raining off and on and will through tomorrow. Of course our basement flooded and half of it is a nasty mess. It smells as well. Fun! It will take a week to dry out I’m sure.

This weather has just been a drain on me. My head has not been to happy with the sudden change outside. We went from lovely 60s and sun to RAIN. I’m also finally on spring break, so no work is knocking on my door. I basically just crashed this weekend and couldn’t seem to get in the mood to work on this paper. I have enough written to put it together, it’s just a matter of sitting down and forcing myself to do it. That will be tomorrow. More fun!

We got the bad news today that our awesome amazing doctor is fleeing from New Jersey. He, his partner and their kids are going to Massachusetts where they can be legally married. Thanks again New Jersey! You are now officially chasing qualified working professionals and tax payers out of the state. Meanwhile our new governor has also slashed the education budget to the point that every K-through-High School is faced with laying off numerous teachers and making larger classes. Hello, did nobody see the latest news specials that we are becoming the dumbest country in the Western world? The colleges are getting hit as well. This is not exactly the greatest position for me to be in right now. Do you want fries with that? Would you like to supersize your meal? …. Oh wait they don’t ask that anymore after the movie 🙂

Finally, for a bit of sunshine . . . It looks like I’m doing the drag show on Thursday night hopefully, so I should have a fun photo post soon 🙂 No I’m not in the drag show, I’m going to one. Just wanted to clarify that!

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  1. Hello Dustin,

    Better you sit yourself down and finish the paper. All we have is our education. I am learning that the hard way this term. M.A. studies are no picnic. Find the rhythm, and I am sure it will get done. Have fun and enjoy yourself. I’ve got three papers to write in the next 5 weeks. God give me strength.

    Take care


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