Once again I apologize for neglecting the blog 🙂 One day soon I won’t be so bad and will be blogging more. My TV blog is also feeling the neglect pain too. I’ve just been super swamped. Aside from working to finish this $@%@$%@#$ dissertation, I submitted an article to be published at the end of February (with my adviser), just finished a conference paper to give at the end of April, am for SOME reason entertaining submitting to another one or two conferences for later this year, and of course teaching two different classes has been an ass kicker.

The Drag Show last week was big fun. The best of the night was when this giagantress of a gurl performed Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” I mean she did the official video dance and everything! She got the whole bar singing too. The low point of the night were these trashy “Jersey Shore” girls who didn’t look old enough to even be in the bar and who almost started a fight with some other girls. I later heard one say “This is so much fun, but I think we might get kicked out soon.” I wanted to tell her “yeah and don’t come back!” They got way drunk and even disrupted Miss Lisa Lisa at one point, ruining one of her classic “This is a Christian show!” jokes. They got all “hey we aren’t Christian, we are Jewish!”
They just didn’t get it was not about religion, it was just funny. Sacrilege!

Since my last post it looks like a ray of sunshine has appeared. I appear to be teaching in the fall. I don’t recall being asked if I was available, but I have been so tired perhaps I somehow missed it. Perhaps it’s all a mistake as well. But my name is listed in the course schedule as an instructor for a class in the fall. At the moment, I’ll take it! I have been worried about what I’d be doing in the fall to be honest. I had planned to try and start job hunting this summer. I still will, but will probably take a part time gig if I can get one now.

On a final note, I’m off to the mid-west in May after the semester to see Heidi! That should bring lots of photos for a change, cause it’s someplace I’ve never been, so I’ll be taking photos like a Japanese tourist. I also am going to try my best to get to Williamsburg this summer since I didn’t last summer.

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  1. How far “mid-west” are you coming? I bet you would just love the Mall of America.

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