Yeah I know, it’s been awhile since I posted. Sorry about that! Like I said in my last post, I’ve been extremely busy right now. Plus with this last snow storm, I ended up with a cold. It had been awhile since I had one, I guess I was overdue. So that knocked me out for a week. I won’t lie, I enjoyed a few days on the couch doing nothing, but I now I have to catch up with some things.

I officially am over snow, at least for this year 🙂 I still love snow, but we’ve seen enough. It can stay away until next Christmas. So rest assured, I will not be wishing for anymore snow this year.

Spring break is coming up and I am so looking forward to a week off of teaching and getting other stuff that needs to be done done. Also Monster Mania is coming up next weekend, which is always a blast. So hopefully I’ll have some photo posts to go up soon!

What else . . . oh we finally broke down and got cleaning ladies! They come every few weeks, but it’s been a help. They do a good job, and it means I don’t have to stress out over cleaning every weekend. More time for me to do what I have to get done done.

I guess that is about all the excitement going on right now. I might have to start doing various memes I used to do long ago like “Five on Friday” and “Photo Friday” to make sure I keep posting on the blog so people don’t think I’ve up and died on them.

2 Replies to “It’s Been A Long Long Time!”

  1. Joining the “I’m sick of snow club–for this winter!” So glad that you got cleaning ladies—have them do the big stuff and then all you have to do is the general keeping organized. More than anything else– you deserve the service and the time it gives you–just wish it was time that you could relax–but that will eventually happen.

    Keep working on the finish line for the doctorate!

    Lin–aka wv Nan

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