Given I know people are busy this time of year, I’m posting this a bit early. One year I did it early, one year I did it later. However I know you bitches (said with lurve, please let’s not relive the “Lifetime” joke drama!) are expecting this from me again. I have been posting it for a few years now, and this time I think I’ve out done myself with what I’ve found for you. It’s almost brand spanking new, added this very month! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see posts from 2008 and 2007.

BTW, if you didn’t know, the musical “Promises Promises” which this number comes from (based on the move “The Apartment”) is going to have a Broadway reprisal next year. It’s going to star THE Miss Kristen Chenowith (Glee, Wicked) and THE Mr. Jack McFarland (WIll and Grace)! Oh yes, I will be there!

BTW, next year perhaps I’ll learn this dance and do it for you. How about that? I know you bitches wanna see that!

6 Replies to “Oh Yes . . . It’s Turkey Lurkey Time AGAIN!”

  1. Can’t wait to see you do this dance next year!!! Thanks—I was wondering about the song–you have a tradition to carry on!

    Happy Thansgiving to you and Happy Pink Tree decorating!!

    Lin aka WV Nan

  2. Dustin,
    You never disappoint! I can’t wait till next year to see you perform! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all.


  3. The revival better not mess with this song/dance, it is a classic!!!

    Haha, I always know when the holiday season is starting when you post a version of this song! I know about half of this dance. The guy in the blue is going to have a really owwie neck after doing the last part. His neck looked like rubber!

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