“Trick’R’Treat” was a movie I meant to review awhile back. Given Halloween is coming up, I wanted to post it as an option for people to rent.

The movie is actually four short stories that occur on Halloween night in the same town and are all intertwined. If you remember the old “Creepshow” movie, it’s very much like that. However here the stories are connected in fun ways that are made known throughout the movie. It’s actually hard to talk about the stories honestly, because to do so gives too much away. I can say there is a story about a group of girls looking for a party, some kids searching for an old school bus accident that is a local legend, a principal who is a nasty individual in secret and uses Halloween to his advantage, and a neighborhood recluse.

The movie is fairly gory, I jumped several times, and the effects are well done. It’s not your normal cheap straight to video flick at all. It also have a cast of good actors, including Anna Paquin. Give this one a rent. The stories aren’t going to deeply move you, but the movie is a fun horror flick and is just about screaming and being grossed out.


2 Responses to “Trick’R’Treat Review”

ashley Says:

this movie totally creeped me out! I had a lot of WTF moments so it was pretty decent for a bit of a scare!


mlp Says:

My brother recommended this one, and it was pretty good. I didn’t see the werewolf twist coming at all, not sure whether that makes me an idiot or not 🙂