But I Still Love Technology . . . Always And Forever

So I finally got my copies of Windows 7, one for the desktop which John uses and one for my laptop. Thanks to Vista, both had been crippled to the point of crap. John had to reboot the desktop every 30 minutes to keep the internet from slowing down to mud, and I have to reboot my laptop if for some reason it gets knocked off the net as well, because it won’t reconnect to the router.

So I put 7 on the desktop last night, so far so good. I’m in the process of doing my laptop right now, which so far hasn’t been a problem. My laptop maker, HP, decided it was only going to officially support a very slim margin of their older laptops with Windows 7. Basically for everyone else, good luck, if you brick it, sucks to be you! I guess that’s their way of forcing people to buy a new laptop? After my problems with this laptop though, I’d never get another HP that’s for sure. Actually since I went Mac, I would never buy a PC again, except maybe a netbook for traveling. I’m hoping Windows 7 will make that not needed though.

With the laptop . . . so far so good. I probably lost a few neat HP features with some touch buttons, but I might be able to get them back with the old Vista drivers which I still can download. I never really used them though, so it’s not a priority. Frankly I DON’T want to junk it up with HP-ware again. Getting what I need on the laptop is what I care about, and that’s always the bitch about starting over from scratch . . . loading all the programs back on.

Of course, all this Windows 7 love might last about one month. That’s about how long it took for older Windows versions to have the registry clogged up with crap and lead to 10 minute boot up times. They say it won’t be like that with Windows 7, we’ll see 🙂

Let’s see, what else is going on. My friend Keith is coming up this weekend. The weather can’t decide what it wants to do. We are hoping the rain just stays away till Saturday, that way we can go to a haunted house. I want to go to Bates Motel, where Emily and I went last year. If it’s raining though it’s back to Eastern State Penitentiary. Both are excellent, I just like Bates a little better (and Keith’s done the prison). I have to clean the guest room down here for Keith, cause you know John’s brother will be in the room upstairs.

I’m finally going to set up some RSS feeds via my Mac Mail so I know when everyone in my blogroll posts a new blog, since I don’t have Twitter to rely on anymore. Oddly still, I don’t miss it. Most of the people I followed rarely used it anymore, except to note when they had a blog post.

Finally, after about a week of fiddling and testing plugins, I found a subscription plugin that works! So if ou want to know when my blog is updated just head over here and fill in your email. It sends you a confirmation/click the link email, then you should be all set. You can also find the link in the side bar under the “Blogs” header (which you can also use to unsubscribe from the list if you wish).

Post Note: I jinxed myself. Having to reformat and re-install Windows 7 on my laptop. Every other reboot or shut down lead to a Blue Screen of Death. Not sure why, or if it was something I did. Go Microsoft! I’m might have to reformat and use an old XP laptop (so it runs relatively fast) as I refuse to fork over 400 dollars to Microsoft to upgrade office to use on Win7 JUST to get Excel, which only comes with Office Professional.

Post Post Note: After formatting and reinstalling, I think I realized what the problem was. A TV Tuner card I had installed and later taken out . . . another thing I really didn’t need anymore but installed the driver for. Oy! This is why I am not buying PC’s anymore! Mac’s rule 🙂


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boo Says:

I wish I had you here to fix my computer. It runs sooooooooo slow and error boxes are always popping up.