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Let’s see, what to talk about first? Well maybe the obvious. It has now been a whole week and I honestly don’t miss Twitter as much as I thought I would. I know people probably miss my insane ramblings on it and the updates, but I am shocked that I’m not missing it as much as I thought I would. The one thing I guess I do miss about it is knowing when people updated their blogs. I’m back to the old fashion way of checking via my blog links. I probably have to get used to not using Twitter anyway, as once I start back to teaching next year having it probably wouldn’t be a good thing . . . considering I used my full real name on it and all 🙂 At the very least I would have had to have locked it and made it private (which in my opinion generally defeats the point of having Twitter).

I do miss my phone though. I never realized how handy some of the apps were, like the budget app I had to keep track of my spending and watch my bank account balances, stocks and bonds and shit. I am slowly finding replacements to put on my iMac though (already got a budget app, there is a built in stocks app, but need something to track my actual investments still that doesn’t require logging into the website, which so far I haven’t found).

Anyway, to the topic of the post. Now those who have followed the blog, or my recently deceased Twitter, know that this time of the year is when I’m graced with the presence of John’s brother on the weekends, and soon for an entire month. This is the one who has a habit of being naked or walking around in just his underwear. That is one of his many habits which annoy me to pieces, like brushing his teeth in the kitchen sink! Well he has forever had this girlfriend, who never comes down here. She apparently came down once and once only many years ago. He was mentioning to me last night he was trying to get her to come down with him recently, but she refuses. Why? She says there is too much tension and she doesn’t need that (she is for the record getting over cancer). The tension? Yup, between John’s brother and you know who 🙂 So I’m not the only one anymore so it seems!


One Response to “Apparently I’m Not The Only One . . . .”

WV Nan Says:

Nice to hear from you!

Wow—I bet you could really have a wonderful conversation with the “missing’ girlfriend!!! What would his reaction be if you both showed up together!!

You had mentioned earlier about voting for your house — decorating contest I think. Any more on that and if so—how can I vote?!

Headed to NJ for Grandparents’ Day this Friday. So get ready for ugly weather. I’m due to arrive on Wednesday—it never fails.

Take care Dustin!

WV Nan/Lin