Boo! I Had A Bad Dream, Or Did I?

Just when I thought I would be taking a break, something worth while happens that fits in with this time of year 🙂 Last night I woke up, swore I saw a dark shadow creeping up over the bed, kicked at it and started screaming “No!” really loud. Then of course I came to my senses and John woke up wondering WTF was happening.

When I looked around, I saw no dark figure. When I thought about it, it had its arms outstretched and a funny hat on. It reminded me of Freddy, which reminded me earlier that day in Philly I saw a kid walking around with a red-n-green Freddy like sweater on. The influence? I don’t know. I’ve woken up and thought I saw this weird figure in the bedroom before. Aliens? I really hope not on that one!

I am sure it’s not the influence of watching “One Missed Call 3: Final” before bed, cause that movie just sucked hard core.


4 Responses to “Boo! I Had A Bad Dream, Or Did I?”

boo Says:

It’s a wonder you don’t have nightmares every night, with all the horror you watch. I’m a big chicken, I only watch scary movies when someone watches with me.


Aravis Says:

They seriously made 2 sequels to “One Missed Call?”

Don’t worry, the aliens won’t get you. Your house is already haunted, and it might start a turf war with the ghosts.


Dustin Says:

They made sequels in Japan 🙂


ashley Says:

this creeps me out due to seeing Paranormal activity last weekend lol