Clarification . . . . Not Closing, Just Slowing Down :)

Okay to clarify my last post, yes I thought about closing the blog, but I haven’t, at least not yet. I’m just gunna be slowing down probably. When I started blogging it was the new thing, and it was one of those mediums where it was thought you had to post every day, or at least every other day. Then it started fading away, and now with the advent of twitter and facebook, blogs are becoming a dying medium these days it seems. People are blogging less and using the microblog services more.

I’ve just decided rather than force myself to come up with what I would call a filler post, or feel guilty if a week has gone by and figure out what to blog about just to blog, that I’ll blog when I feel like it. So if a week or two goes by and there is no new post, then I guess I felt I had nothing to get off my chest or blog about 🙂

I’m gunna look into a way to email subscribe to the blog, so that when a new post goes out it emails everyone on the list. I know the plug-ins exist, it’s just finding one that works with the newest release of WordPress that can be tricky.


4 Responses to “Clarification . . . . Not Closing, Just Slowing Down :)”

WV Nan Says:

Great news! If truth be know I’d love hearing from you everyday–but faced with all or nothing—I’ll take posts whenever the spirit moves you.

I know you probably think you are just doing fillers–but many of us even enjoy the pictures of Bunnie and the cage!!!

Just take care of yourself–know that many do really care!

Love and cyber hugs—Lin WV Nan


vegasguy0054 Says:

My grandmother always said do only those things you love to do.


Teddy Says:

Hey Dustin,

I know I hardly ever comment on here, but my BF (yoo-hoo-vegasguys0054-wink) and I have been followers of your blog since your Days page back in the day. Anyway, here are my $0.02 cents on the matter. The way I see it, the moment you start feeling guilty for not posting and blogging becomes a chore, the fun of blogging goes out the window. This is YOUR BLOG and you can post when you want and whatever you want. If you need to vent and or write up a rant, by all means, rant away. If you want to write about rainbows, cute puppies, or pussy cats, do it. And if you have nothing to write about – we understand. No pressure.

You’re the [web]master of your domain.

My $0.02 cents,
-Teddy aka AJ

PS: I really want an iPhone, but you’re right about how expensive it is to own one. Its ridiculous really! However, I love, love, love the iPod Touch. It does almost everything the iPhone does, but without the monthly bill.


brand new woo Says:

Yeah, I know what you mean. I get blog fatigue too.