2005 Is Calling To Welcome Me Back Technologically . . .

Photo on 2009-10-18 at 17.51 #3 So I really did it this time lol. I deleted twitter again, and this time it’s not coming back. I also no longer have an iPhone, I am back on my old Motorola Razor. It cut my bill in half though, and I won’t be spending money on apps anymore.

I did delete my Facebook, but again brought it back. Too many people I can’t contact any other way but it it seems. Without the iPhone and Twitter though, I won’t be updating it as much obviously. Facebook is the one thing I did successfully cut back on these past few months.

Now for the really sad/shocking part. I had also planned to close this blog. I even made up a front page/goodbye post. It was up for about 5 minutes, then I took it down cause it sucked and was vague. Honestly though, I am still contemplating it. Lately I just feel like I don’t have much to blog about here, other than posting photos of my decorations 🙂 I may just have to take some time off. So if the blog has a new post, it’s cause I felt like I had something worthwhile to post about. If it doesn’t, well it’s because I don’t have anything to say and don’t feel like reaching for something just to make a post.

As for why I did this (-again-)? I don’t know, I do know, it’s a lot of things, some I don’t want to go into here. This is the time of year I always get stressed and find myself down. John works longer hours (but doesn’t make more money). The bills for the January vacation come in, and I wonder again why I ended up booking these things when I pay for them (and shouldn’t be using savings to do so).

Will I regret this? I know I will when I start going through iPhone withdrawal. The idea of not being able to get my email on the go is already killing me, as is not being able to check the stocks and other things I liked doing. However if I can successfully get through iPhone withdrawal I’ll probably just stick to my Razor, or move to a “pay as you go” phone when my contract is up. That will cut the bills in half again 🙂 The sad fact is, I use about 20 minutes a month at max on my phone, everything else was internet or text messaging. Even the texts I cut down on lately as well.


13 Responses to “2005 Is Calling To Welcome Me Back Technologically . . .”

sean Says:

That was quick. I just find you and now you’re leaving me. Is it something I wrote?

I hope you’ll still keep the Primetime Dish and will look for future posts. Have fun having a life again.


Dustin Says:

Lol no it wasn’t you 🙂 Yes I am keeping up posts on the TV blog, cause I never run out of things to say about TV 🙂


Becky Says:

There was a tweet tonight by a certain someone that I was dying to tell you about! I swear, if I have to break down and start emailing you, its gonna make me upset 🙂


WV Nan Says:

I thought my computer was goofy when I couldn’t find your posts.

I would miss the contact, your comments, and just knowing that you are ok. You know the Momma Bear in me will worry about you and your withdrawal. But I will support the decision you make if it helps you. Only you know what you need and just how far you can be stretched.

Will you promise to take care of yourself, remembering that you are a wonderful person—slightly weird at times—but a wonderful person who has touched many lives with your humor, beliefs, photos, and opinions.

The other thing I ask—let me know when the Doctorate is done—you have my email. I’ll always be rooting for that day that you hold that paper and have a PhD after your name!!

Lin WV Nan


TaiBoo Says:

Dustin, I have read your blogs for a long time. I don’t know why you feel that you are required to post. It should be what you want to post. It should be enjoyable and fun. It should be what you want to say when you want to say it. I am sure you have a lot of people that want to keep up with you and make sure that you are ok and all is well. But you need to do what is best for you. If not posting is what you need to do, thats what should happen. Life is full of enough stres without adding more unnecessary stress. Stay happy. You might remember me as Cat from long ago.

Peace out….


jeremy Says:

What is all this blather about cutting yourself off from technology. Are you having a mid life crisis? This is a great tool if you keep it going. What will you do with yourself without all this in your life? Sit at home and stare at the ghosts and play with the dogs? If you are tired of this then stop, I like reading here and have been for years now. You can’t cut all of technology out of your life, not in the 21st century. I hope you keep writing.

Do what you feel you should.



boo Says:

I will miss you Dustin. I have been checking in daily for years, first to your Days page and then later I found this blog. I’m sure it’s a lot of work just keeping this blog up. You do what is best for you. I got rid of my facebook and twitter accounts, I just felt like too much of my private life was public. I kept my myspace but deleted everyone but close family and made it a private account. Wishing the best always to you Dustin, you are such a sweetheart.


Cassandra Sappington Says:

Dustin.. I for one would miss your reviews.. stories.. but most of all I find your posts something that make my days better! 🙂 You do not need to post so often, but I catch myself looking daily for updates… reviews… just the fun that seems to be similar to my own life….. DON’t GO BACK TO 2005! LOL!!!


glittermom Says:

Keep the blog..Its free….Just blog when you have something to say…I dont expect you to blog everyday….no one does…Would miss you if you leave…


grammie97 Says:

Just letting you know that the mom part of me is sad already….I already miss your tweets; just keeping up with you. It feels like my own son has decided not to write me….LOL I realize you need to do what is best for you..but know there are alot of us out here that will always miss the tweets and wonder how you are and what you are doing……thanks for many years of fun and info…..


Richard Says:

This has been developing for a while. The tweets destroy all
narrative and then you are left with nothing but thought bubbles.

Please don’t shut the blog down completely. Posting something on
occasion is better than never hearing from you at all. People do care.


Richard Says:

PS I do love primetime dish and Heroes is really getting sucky.


Janelle Says:

Please don’t shut down your blog, even if you don’t post daily…. I look so forward to reading your post (even though I suck at leaving comments). My contract is up in December and I’m debating on going full blown iPhone or back down to basics. I don’t EVER use my phone for talking, just texting, reading blogs/ webpages, and of course stalking people on twitter 🙂 So, I’m debating on what I want to do and how much money I should be paying to text my hubby, “luv you”