Drag Me To Hell Review

This is a film I wanted to go see while in the theater, but never got a chance. I ended up renting the unrated director’s cut Blu-Ray and am glad I did. This film was great!

Written and directed by Sam Raimi, most famous in horror circles for doing “The Evil Dead,” it was his return to the horror genre. It has a lot in common with “Evil Dead.” Believe it or not, when that movie came out, it was the grossest of the gross. Now it’s laughable of course. In this film a woman (Christine) working at a bank pisses off an old gypsy woman by denying her a loan extension. The woman curses her, and in three days she’ll be dragged to hell, literally.

This movie will cause you to scream from the jump out of your seat scares, then cringe. Make no mistake, there is an oral fixation to this movie, and not in a good way. It’s fitting giving the gypsy’s curse was oral. Things go into and out of people’s mouths a lot, and it’s not in a XXX way either. It’s in a “oh my God I’m going to vomit” way.

Only one scene in the movie pissed me off. It comes half way through, and let’s just say I think it might have been part of the uncut director’s edition. It will probably cause many to just stop the movie, just remember it’s a movie!

The conclusion, well I won’t spoil it 🙂 This one gets a rent it, but only if you are the most hard-core of horror fans.


6 Responses to “Drag Me To Hell Review”

sean Says:

I loved this movie and thought it was one of the best of the year – of all movies not just horror. Can’t you do a spoiler warning and reveal the part you didn’t like and why?


Dustin Says:


The cat scene 🙁


sean Says:

I saw that scene coming a mile ahead and started whispering “Here Kitty, kitty.” I guess in the directors cut they show what happens to the kitty?


Dustin Says:

Well I don’t know what was shown in the other version, but we saw her stabbing and blood just flying all over, then it cut to her burying it.

Didn’t like the scene at all, but it also helped me not to feel so bad about the end 😛 I guess thats why it was there lol.


Becky Says:

This is on my Netflix list. I may consider moving it up 🙂


sean Says:

In the theater version you know what and how it happens but don’t see it.