I Survived, Still Boycotting, Publication Deadline

So I survived my night alone in the house with the animals and the ghosts. I ended up having a “Mr. Belvedere” marathon 🙂 However I didn’t get to bed till 4am, thanks to finally taking some drugs. John goes in for a 2nd one of these this Sunday. I’m totally knocking myself out way earlier in the night this time! That or throwing a party 🙂

Let’s see, the boycott of said establishment is almost a month in now. Of course someone came to me this morning pleading with me to just make two small changes to said website, because there was a price error. This error wasn’t my fault, it was theirs. I contemplated fixing it for one second, then decided not to. That would be me caving, and them realizing they could just continue to milk free services out of me. I think I’ll tell them “If that error costs you money, take it out of the asshole’s paycheck, and let him this is what happens when you treat people like shit.” Frankly I think I need to up this ante to make them realize I’m done with their establishment. I’m still hosting their site on my dollar, perhaps I need to give eviction notice 🙂

Changing topics, I fired off 78 pages to my adviser yesterday, and am trying to get another 100 edited and out by this weekend. I’m also hoping he’ll have some suggestions on how to cut the size down as I still have another chapter of 200 some pages also coming. I need to get the size down, as it will take my committee too long to read it (just like it’s taken me too long to write it).

Related, the paper my adviser and I gave in HotLanta (remember that trip from hell?) is set to be published. That’s another deadline to add to my plate, I have to get it ready by the end of September. We can expand on the original paper fortunately.

Finally Saturday is my birthday. I turn the big three four. The weather looks to be nice. As it stands it looks like I might be doing dinner with friends in Philly and then maybe a night of dancing. However more than likely things will fall through and I’ll end up sitting at home as usual.


6 Responses to “I Survived, Still Boycotting, Publication Deadline”

jeremy Says:

Hey Dustin,
You will have to let us know when your paper gets published. I’d like to read it. Keep us posted. 34 god, I wish I was 34 again …



Dustin Says:

It will be in the bulletin of the new york state museum, probably sometime next year. When I know I’ll post it.


boo Says:

Wishing you a Happy Birthday on Saturday! I hope you get to go to dinner with friends and dance the night away. Oh how I wish I was turning 34, I turn the big 50 on the 18th.


Becky Says:

I happen to have it on good authority that you will be out and having a great time on your birthday….a little birdie told me this 😉

Good luck with your editing. And good for you for staying strong and not doing any computer work!


Jennifer Says:

Happy Birthday on Saturday!


Aravis Says:

With all the chapters to edit and complete as well as the HotLanta paper, it’s no wonder you’re always writing or stressing about writing. It’s a sign of your success, though. Congratulations on that. And happy birthday on Saturday!!!