Laborless Weekend

So I figured I best make a blog post, even a small one, about the weekend and my birthday. It was good, but not the party night it could have been. I had a crappy appetite all week and some stomach problems, probably left over from my cold. So I just didn’t feel like eating much of anything. Without eating, I sure can’t drink 🙂 So we just did dinner and hung out with a few friends.

John got me this wireless mouse type thing, wireless headphones for the TV (you know, so I can come to bed and watch TV rather than stay downstairs in the living room and do so) and this fun little dragonfly remote control toy that flies around.

I picked up two Wii games for myself 🙂 “Cursed Mountain” and “Muramasa.” I’ve only played the first so far, which is a creepy ghost game. Loves it! Next Month “Ju-On” and “Silent Hill” also come out for Wii, and I can’t wait for those two. Loving all the horror games coming out lately, just in time for Halloween.

Tomorrow I head to Virginia to finally get the much postponed dental work done. Not thrilled, as I just got my appetite back. I probably won’t feel like eating to much after the work. Mainly because I always pull those temporary crown/caps off.


2 Responses to “Laborless Weekend”

brand new woo Says:

Happy belated birthday!!


Becky Says:

I actually love my dentist. I dated his son when I was in high school. That should entitle me to a price reduction 🙂

Anyway, drive safe and good luck at the dentist.