Figured I needed to make a blog post so people don’t think I’m still on my death bed 🙂 I am finally getting better. Still have a cough and some congestion, but much improved. Poor John is sick now, which is his karma for teasing me earlier in the week asking if I was ever leaving the house again.

John is leaving the house tonight, leaving me all alone here. He is going in for a sleep study because he’s having sleeping problems. Basically he’s developed a snore. I guess I shouldn’t share that with the world, but oh well. His snoring actually has gotten better since he’s lost a lot of weight he put on, but he’s afraid of sleep apnea or something. Also no matter how much he sleeps, he is tired all the time. I told him that is cause he works too much, which is probably what they’ll tell him too 🙂

Anyway, I’m alone tonight, and I hate that. I always feel creepy when I’m stuck in this house by myself. Well I’m not by myself, I have the animals and the ghosts. The later are who I don’t like being alone with 🙂 I was gunna take the doggies to bed with me tonight, but they need a bath, I don’t feel like giving them one, and they will just wake me up. So I’m taking Percy Cat to bed with me, as he will just sleep there nice and quietly.

Well that’s about it. I now have to go proof 75 some pages of 2 chapters and then send them to my adviser for his reading pleasure.

5 Replies to “All By Myself”

  1. If I start singing that damn song for the rest of the day, I will be the one haunting you tonight 😉 Anyway, glad you’re feeling better. And I hope John passes the sleep study.

  2. Don’t be surprised if they send John home tonight if he isn’t feeling well. I have sleep apnea—but I hate wearing the mask–I look like a creature from the future! The mask does help and my energy level is higher—when I am compliant and wear the darn thing!

    So glad you are doing better!

  3. I hope the ghosts are kind and leave you alone so you can get some rest.

    I read the title of this post and now can’t get that song out of my head. Thanks for that!

    “All by myself/Don’t wanna be/all by myself anymore…”

  4. Good to hear you are getting better. I hate being alone in the house at night also. Hope the ghosts stayed away so you could rest.

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