Sick As A Wolf?

By the third day of Monster Mania, the novelty of seeing the movie stars had worn off. I got everyone I really was wanting the first day, and didn’t want to spend much more money on it. By the third day I was could tell I was catching a cold.

John Landis

John Landis, director of An American Werewolf in London and Thriller

Dustin and David Naughton

Myself and David Naughton, start of American Werewolf in London
As you can see, I’m not my normal shinning self 🙂

I’ve basically been sleeping the past two days, and am just now trying to get myself back up and to a normal routine. I hate being sick!


3 Responses to “Sick As A Wolf?”

Becky Says:

You are a germ magnet! I hope you start to feel better quickly!


Dustin Says:

I need to carry a bottle of purrell with me at all times 🙂


Aravis Says:

What Becky said. Feel better soon!