No Hangover Here!

So Thursday I headed to Philly to meet Emily as well as Becky. We went on a ghost tour around Philly, then went out to dinner. At dinner I ordered a veggie boxtie, an Irish equivalent of a quesadilla using potato pancakes. I was so starving that I dug in, and near the end realized they had given me chicken! I think I had gone four weeks with no meat and then ruined 🙁 Oh well, I’ll live.

After dinner we hit the drag show at Bob and Barbs. This used to be a weekly event the students at the anthro department would attend. One of John and mine first dates ended up here too. I hadn’t been in years though, probably since a friend I would go with moved away. Oh my God, it’s still as much fun as it was years ago.

The next day we hit New York to meet up with Aravis. We walked around the city for a bit then went to Serendipity for dinner. Emily talks about how they have the best burgers ever. I was supposed to eat there a year ago with another NY trip, but I had a major hangover then and bailed while others went to dinner that night. I did decide my vegetarianism had been accidentally interrupted, so I had a burger so I didn’t have to keep hearing Emily talk about what I missed out on. It was good, but it was no Five Guys! Anyway, I am back to being a vegetarian today . . . though still will eat fish (I would eat tuna even the 7 years I was a vegetarian before).

Meeting Becky and Aravis was awesome, I wish we all had some more time to chill and hang-out. I’m sure I’ll see them again though. Speaking of hangovers, if you have not seen “The Hangover” then you must see it! I laughed so hard I thought I would piss myself. It is seriously that good of a movie, if you like dirty potty humor movies that is 🙂


5 Responses to “No Hangover Here!”

Patti Says:

Five Guys’ burgers are awesome! They’ve finally arrived in MN and I tried them a couple of weeks ago. The salted in the shell peanuts are fun, too–many years ago, we had a chain named Ground Round that served baskets of peanuts at the table and you could throw the shells on the floor (back before everyone became lawsuit-happy, that is!)


Becky Says:

It was great meeting you, too. I had a great time at the drag show! There’s talk of a possible trip this fall…it should include a SingStar night 🙂 Good luck at your boot camp (and sleeping) this week!


Aravis Says:

I definitely want to meet up again. I had such a great time! You’re exactly the way I thought you would be, and I mean that in the best possible sense. *G*


Dustin Says:

Aravis – your how I imagined too 🙂

Becky, woohoo! Emily mentioned possibly around halloween I think? I am going to try and finally throw a halloween party this fall lol, assuming i have enough people to come 🙂


brandnewwoo Says:

Never tried a burger at Serendipity! Too busy with dessert!

Best burgers in NYC that i’ve tried have been at the Shake Shack at Madison Square Park!!! Mmmmmm!!!!