These Dreams . . . . Suck!

Last night I did not fall asleep until around 6am this morning, which I guess counts as this morning and not last night. I just COULD not get to sleep. When I finally did though, what dreams!

I dreamed I was back in Glen Cove in Fairfax, Va; where most of my childhood was spent. However someone had painted our old house in this ugly hippy design, attaching all these giant artwork butterflies and stuff to it. I decided to take some photos to put on Facebook. Then I went around back to where the old woods we played in were. These were town homes, and I found almost everyone either had added these silly shacks onto the back of the house, or had trailers back there. It was for all the extra kids they had and didn’t have enough room for in the house! So I took photos of that too. Oh did I mention by this time it was dark out? Well some woman though I was a pervert and started chasing me with intent to kill. Running from her I ended up running into a giant black bear, which then started chasing the both of us. As I’m trying to use my phone to simultaneously take photos and call for help, it broke. Then I realized I had two days to get it fixed before the year warranty ran out, cursing myself for not buying the apple care for 2 years.

Then I finally woke up. The iphone 3.0 software update is out today. Clearly that influenced my dream 🙂


3 Responses to “These Dreams . . . . Suck!”

Jamie Says:

Speaking of dreams….I had one about you the other night. LOL


Lori Says:

So, do you dream in colour, or black and white? I dream in vivid colour and have been surprised by how many people don’t!


Dustin Says:

Color. People dream in black and white? That’s boring