Today was the first day I woke up not feeling like total crap. I think I’m finally over this cold/pink-eye bug.

As you can see from the side bar, I brought twitter back. I tried to follow as many people as I could find again. This is a new account though, my old one is dead as a doornail and not working. So if you wish, you can follow me at the new one through the side bar (click through to the twitter page and follow me there).

I registered for the dissertation boot camp, which begins next week. It’s going to be hell, but hell I need. I know I’ll be able to make a giant dent in my pile of stuff and be almost close to done when it ends.

I downloaded about 5 html editor/design programs for the mac and have to find the time to fiddle with them and see if I like any enough to fork the dough over for them. I’m coming up with ideas for how I want the farm’s site to look.

Oh, the farm is running a full page ad in a local paper soon. I’ll scan it and post it, as I helped with it 🙂 A lot of the photos I took are going to be in it too! We’ll have to add this to my resume!


5 Responses to “Don’t Have Much”

Becky Says:

Anything that has the name boot camp does not sound like fun! Good luck with it. And I’m gad you’re back on twitter 🙂


boo Says:

Glad you’re feeling better Dustin. Pink-eye is nasty, I caught it a few times from my kids when they were little. Can’t wait to see the farm ad.


dolphin Says:

I don’t know how comfortable with directly coding pages you are, but if you are, I highly recommend Smultron for the Mac. It’s a freeware text editor with alot of extras (syntax color-coding for a variety of languages, an editable library of frequently used code chunks, support for javascript, and perhaps most importantly, Live previewing). I use it almost exclusively when I’m putting together a website.


Aravis Says:

Glad it cleared up! Just in time for boot camp. *G* And congrats on the ad!

Are you still joining us in NYC on Friday?


Dustin Says:

Yup, I’ll be there 🙂