Back To The Web . . . And Twitter?

So I’ve been running the farm’s website since last fall. However I didn’t make the look, someone else did. I don’t really care for it honestly and want to revamp it. Given I got this nice iMac I have been wanting to use iWeb to do it. Unfortunately I haven’t taken the time to learn iWeb yet. So I’m scouting for some cheap templates on the web with the look I like, and maybe can modify down the line to more of my liking, to use.

As part of their website I recently implemented Twitter to it, cause you know all local small businesses are using it nowadays. So yes I’m back on Twitter. I also keep getting comments here, on facebook and via email about how I’m missed on Twitter. Honestly I miss reading others on it too, I didn’t think I would as much as I do. So I’m probably starting up a new account soon. Actually I have one, I’ve only just used it for news stuff rather than personal use. That might change soon.

Anyway, back to cleaning my house, which is what I’m taking a break from to write this blog.


8 Responses to “Back To The Web . . . And Twitter?”

Aravis Says:

As allows, I follow where you Twitter… *G*


grammie97 Says:

So glad to hear you are back on Twitter!!!! I have really missed it….maybe I need a life, but following yours is so much fun!!!! You remind me of my son….thanks for giving us all a lot of pleasure…..


Dustin Says:

Comment Test


WV Nan Says:

I’ve missed the “Daily Doings of Dustin” on the Twitter. Looking forward to the sidebar again!

Glad you are feeling well enough to clean and hope some time for play!


BasketRN Says:

Miss following you on twitter. Hope you get back up and running!


Allison Says:

Here here. Twitter is just not the same without you :).


Dani Says:

Miss your daily twitter tweets. Hope you are feeling better. 🙂


Emily Says:

I miss you on Twitter, and I talk to you every damn day outside of Twitter. 🙂