Still Sick, I Got Nuthin

Just reporting in. I’m getting somewhat better. Well my eyes are. They aren’t as red or goopy. The rest of this cold, not so much. I was told to use the drops for 5 days and report back if I wasn’t better. So I will be calling the doc soon if I’m not feeling better. I wake up in the morning okay, but within an hour or two I’m done and am ready to go back to bed. I keep joking I have tonsillitis, the swine flu, mono. John has our doctor’s cell number so I keep saying “text him to make a house call.” Did I mention our doctor is sex on a stick?

Anyway, I grabbed some real coke from the farm today, you know with caffeine and high fructose corn syrup. Hoping it will give me a jolt to stay up in the morning so I can get back to working and not sleeping most of the day.

Other than that, I have nothing. I’ve gotten sucked into “Janice Does The Jungle” . . . I mean “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” as there is nothing else on TV lately. When they vote Janice off I probably won’t watch anymore, she makes it fun and drama filled. Did you see that bitch steal the granola bar and then lie about it? For shame!


4 Responses to “Still Sick, I Got Nuthin”

Aravis Says:

Hey Dustin, I hope this clears up soon! Have you kept up with Harper’s Island?


Dustin Says:

Yup! I post my HI thoughts on the tv blog I made, link to the left under my photo 🙂


Cb Says:

Dude, hope you feel better. And where you been? I don’t see you on twitter anymore.


Aravis Says:

btw, as I’ve been going through my archives I’ve come across comments from FaerieWizard. *G*