As I was driving yesterday I thought “is it time to decorate for Halloween yet?” No, sadly not for months, but it won’t stop me from thinking what new things I can do this year. First though our yard needs serious landscaping. With all the rain we’ve had recently the weeds and overgrowth is out of control. I’m going to try and start clearing stuff out this weekend, assuming the sunny forecast isn’t changed to rain. I’m really tired of this rain, where is summer?

Speaking of Halloween, yet again I am thinking of trying to have a party. Every year I want to have one, I just never do, or figure enough people aren’t around to attend. This year I might actually have enough people who might be able to come, so we’ll see.

Switching topics, the dissertation boot camp has begun. So far I can’t really say how useful it’s been. The first day was basically getting to know everyone, talking about our issues and meeting with advisers/mentors who are supposed to give us some help and feedback. I meet with mine again on Thursday, he wants me to basically have some summary paragraphs for my data chapters written as well as a list of everything I still have to do. I spent today basically making the list and writing some, but I don’t feel I accomplished all that much today. I actually did, as I had to dig through all my notes and files and make this “to do list,” but I didn’t get much writing done. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, as all I have to do is focus on the writing.

5 Replies to “Is It Time For Halloween Yet?”

  1. Depending on my weekend work schedule, count me in 🙂

    I have the hardest times writing out to-do lists. I tend to waste more time and energy on them than I really should. Good luck with the writing!

  2. Hey You !!!

    I’m working on a 30 page paper for my Certificate Adviser to start my MA in the Fall. You’ve been battling with this project for MONTHS and MONTHS !!! What happened to sitting down and just writing? There are too many distractions me thinks, and Halloween is O M Gosh… months away…

    Me thinks you need to sort out your priorities, with love I mean…


  3. That’s what the boot camp is for, to help me finish by the end of the summer 🙂 I actually was doing good, got 5 chapters in already, then got sick at the beginning of the month and didn’t do much. So I signed up for this to get me back on the wagon. 30 pages, ppft 🙂 This sucker is clocking in at 1000 😛

  4. I know it isn’t fun, but you’re making progress. Imagine the day when you’re done. How big a party will *that* be? *G*

  5. Stick with it—then you can be done with it!!! Me also thinks that thinking Halloween is a nice way to stop thinking paper!!! Next thing you’ll be taking Baby Jesus out for a cleaning!!! Good luck—I keep pulling for you!

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