So as I had tweeted and posted while on vacation, one of my goals was NOT to gain weight back. I had been doing really well with getting to the gym, until my mood soured and I started drinking cokes and going to Johnny Rockets (3 times)!

When I got off the ship I was almost up near 160. I thought no way jose, I still had minded what I ate and never had dessert. A few days back, no more non-diet sodas and a lot less red meat has paid off. I weighed in at 153 this morning, so that makes me happy 🙂

Now I have to keep working to stay here, even drop a few more, and tone up.

3 Replies to “Down Down Baby Down Down!”

  1. I have never been on a cruise, but tons of freinds have, and every single one of them has gained a few pounds. They can usually trace it back to all the booze they drank,, hehe.

  2. Probably depends on what booze you drink 🙂 Beer, oh yeah that will pack it on!

    However the booze you pay for, the food you don’t. For me my downfall has often been the pizza, which you can get 24 hours (well not on Royal, on Carnival). That and the dessert bar, which people just pile up on their plates!

    I was good with pizza and sadly had only 2 milkshakes the whole cruise for dessert lol

  3. I’ve been struggling with the same thing. I’ve recently begun to watch what I eat and have lost a couple of the pounds I’ve put on recently. I’m also trying yoga and t’ai chi. This is trickier because I don’t have as much room to move around as I would like in my living room, and the cabin (more spacious) takes awhile to warm up in the winter.

    But these are excuses. I really need to do these things not only for physical benefit, but also as a means of stress release.

    I’ll try to follow your excellent example…

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