That’s unfortunately what I got. I started my new job this week, which of course I can’t talk about on here 🙂 So far so good is about all I can say. Basically hoping by next week I’ll have found my grove between working and finishing up my own school work.

Soon I hope to have some more cheerful and entertaining blog posts up. My PS3 hard drive crashed, I lost everything, so I have to re-download all my singstar songs. Once I get them back and can sing again, I should be happier.

Oh on a positive note, we got FIOS today. No more Comcast! Not only is the picture amazing, the internet speed is fantastic!

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  1. You need to buckle down and be mindful of time management and hours spent preparing for your classes and finishing your paper. Sad that you came away from this vacation with such poor remarks. Maybe you could have found a better way to spend your money or not spend it at all. Find your rhythm. And be good at what you do so well. You’ve played hookey long enough, don’t you agree? I think you need to reassess what you do with your time. Time to work, and not play around. That seems to be an issue with you. Here’s hoping teaching will give you an opportunity to be mindful and responsible, beyond working on your paper.


    If you don’t buckle down and do the work like you are supposed to you will never finish.

    And they say, Better never to begin. Once begun, better to finish.

  2. Comcast S U C K S especially for internet. At least we have a new prez!! Have you seen the new check out the section on human rights and the long list of LGBT issues they are on record as supporting. That should cheer you up and you always have us bitches!

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