Again I wish I had more to blog about, but I don’t right now. I guess I’m in a blogging slump? I’ve been twittering a lot, you can always find them in the left side bar. You can choose to follow me on Twitter to so you don’t have to log onto the blog to read them.

Finding my balance between my new job/work and my own scholastic work still. All in all both compliment each other as they both deal (in part) with my interests in ancient religion, so I’m finding they both in a way self-motivate the other :). Plus I think getting me out of the house 2 days a week is very good for me! I have been locked up too long and that tends to make one go stir crazy 😛

In three months time I’ll be in HotLanta for the big archaeology conference presenting a paper with my adviser. Ack! This time I am going to sit on the sidelines I think and let him present it, especially after the fiasco in October I had! April 25th seems so far off, but it will be here before I know it. It’s also my new deadline for wrapping up my own work (clearly the paper is in large part based on what I’m doing!).

Okay that’s all I have right now, back to work. Hopefully soon I’ll have some fun posts 🙂 Planning a girls night with a few friends sometime in the next few weeks, as I know I’m going to need a fun night by then!

PS: Lot’s of good horror movies coming out over the next couple of weeks. I plan to get out of the house to see a few of them, so I’ll post some reviews. I know it’s been ages since I posted any movie reviews, or could recommend something for you all to see.

5 Replies to “Trucking Along”

  1. The blogging slump is making its rounds….so no worries:) You’re going to take part in Emily’s drunkfest gala extraordinaire, right? Anyway, good luck finding your balance with everything, and get back to dissertating!!!

  2. I plan to see the Valentine 3D one with my nieces, but I admit, I cheat. I go on a movie spoiler site so I know when to cover my eyes,, lol.

  3. I saw the original Valentine, made in the 80s. I know the story lol. It’s kinda corny 🙂

    Becky, depends. Right now I can’t go anywhere till summer, and even then will depend. If I have a job over the summer too, which the current one could lead to, we’ll see when I’d be able to go.

  4. Saw “Inkheart” this weekend. It was a pleasant distraction. Not great, but pretty good and very dark for a kids movie. Those of us who like kids sci/fi fantasy movies should enjoy it.

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