Lights! (Now Hung!)

I hit TarJay today to get some lights for the porch and scored. I found icicle lights similar to what we had when I was a kid. These are the plastic kind shaped like icicles that light up, not the hanging strings of lights that go for icicle lights today. I’m so happy that I think I’m gunna hang them up in a few.

So I got the lights up and here is a photo. I do need to remove the porch light, it’s a tad over-powering. Plus only one is working, the other one burned out. I was hoping to find some large flicker bulbs to put in both of them actually.


16 Responses to “Lights! (Now Hung!)”

Tricia Says:

Cute Picture! You look so HAPPY to have found those lights. You’ll have to post a pic once you hang them up!


Dustin Says:

Half way through. Hopefully I’ll have a photo tonight@


WV Nan Says:

What a great smile–can’t wait to see the Christmas display inside and out. I know how exciting it can be to find something that brings back those—“I remember this” feelings!


BlogspotBecky Says:

wow! sounds like you are already getting into the Christmas spirit!


WV Nan Says:

Did the giant snowflakes come with the icicle lights? It’s beautiful! You know Dustin, between your knee problem from running and the fall today, you are really trying to see just how far you can push your luck. Please take care of yourself so you can enjoy the entire Christmas season.

Keep sending pics—I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys them.


Dustin Says:

The snowflakes were separate. I wanted one more pack of them but I bought the last 2 lol.


Sherri Says:

The lights look awesome! Thanks for the picture.


DWQ Online Says:

Love the lights. Very nice.


Tricia Says:

Looks great!


Carrie Says:

Looks great, Dustin! I really like those icicles!


Becky Says:

I am loving the snowflakes! I wanted to put up the decoration this past weekend but had to work. Now, I think we may have too much snow…so I am officially not a happy camper! But yours look beautiful and I’m jealous:)


hot-lunch Says:



Janelle Says:

Looks GREAT! You always do such a good job with holiday stuff. 🙂


sortedlives Says:

The house looks wonderful!


Aravis Says:

These are awesome, and the house looks great!


Sherri Says:

What did the box look like for those lights? I went to Tar-jay but got all confused and ended up not getting anything. Ok, well I got a lamp and shade but later returned those, lol. Your guidance would be appreciated….