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Once upon a time I so looked forward to ABC Family this time of year, as it was the only place to see classic Christmas specials and what not. I’m talking about the Bankin-Rass stuff nobody airs on network anymore, “The Little Drummer Boy,” “The First Christmas Snow,” “Leprechaun’s Christmas Gold,” “Nestor” and the likes. The last few years though movies have taken over the line-up, especially “Harry Potter.” Don’t get me wrong, I loves the Potter, but a Christmas scene thrown in does not make it a Christmas movie. In fact the later movies all but exclude Christmas usually.

So imagine my surprise when I glanced at this years schedule. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Cars,” every “Potter” movie, “Mary Poppins,” “THE INCREDIBLES !?!?!” These are NOT Christmas movies! What the hell ABC? Yes there are a good number of Ruldoph, Frosty and Santa specials in there . . . but far too much time is taken up with these films. On the 13th is scheduled “All Day Christmas Classics” which I guess is the stuff I want to see. Hopefully . . .

However there are so many other Christmas shows they could acquire and show this time of year that have been forgotten or only run a few times. I would love to see “Noel” again, which was about a Christmas ornament filled with the Christmas spirit. How about “Family Circus Christmas?” Also I used to love “The Little Troll Prince” which hasn’t played in years.

I guess I need to peruse and see if any of my favorite specials are on DVD, cause it’s probably the only way I’ll see some of them.


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WV Nan Says:

I’m so glad that you remember Nestor and Little Drummer Boy. Everyone thinks I’ve lost my mind when I mention those movies. I thought I was the only one who was “not happy” about the choices. Yes, these are great family movies—but don’t bill the schedule as The 25 Days of Christmas—call it family movie night.

Did you know that the ABC Family channel actually started on Sunday, November 16? I was in Florida visiting my cousin and his family. We were discussing how we looked forward to that every year. The commercial happened to come on stating that it was starting that Sunday! Maybe if they did the 25 days they would have enough to show!

Let me know if you find out the list of programs on the 13th.

I have a “book” form of many of the tv specials—Rudolph, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, The Year Without Santa Clause, Frosty—there are a few others—found it at Target and KMart. The book is gold and red and opens up to display the movies—good price, too.

Circuit City is another place to get great Christmas movies at for $5 -$10. Sometimes I hit the jackpot—3/10. Seems not many people buy the tried and true oldies.

Good luck with your search.


Dustin Says:

The schedule for the 13th . . . . (I could get listings up to 6pm)

07:00am Frosty s Winter Wonderland
07:30am Leprechaun s Christmas Gold
08:00am Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
09:00am Little Drummer Boy
09:30am Little Drummer Boy, Book II
10:00am Pinocchio s Christmas
11:00am Story of the First Christmas Snow
11:30am Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey
12:00pm Garfield Christmas Special
12:30pm Cranberry Christmas
01:00pm Jack Frost
02:00pm Rudolph and Frosty: Christmas in July
04:00pm Twas the Night Before Christmas
04:30pm Frosty s Winter Wonderland
05:00pm Rudolph s Shiny New Year
06:00pm Santa Claus Is Comin to Town


Brandy Says:

We watched Shrek the Halls and The Grinch last night on the local ABC channel. I think tonight they are showing Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Wednesday night is Cars. I’m like you I couldn’t figure out how this fit in with Christmas, is there even a Christmas scene in it? I don’t remember. As to the ABC Family, I agree they should show more actually Christmas movies. My daughter did inform me after the first year they showed harry potter that it was a Christmas movie. How sad that kids today think that. I’ve made sure she watches the classics though.

Oh and my fav Christmas classics besides the cartoon ones are White Christmas, Holiday Inn and Christmas in Connecticut (the old black and white one)


BlogspotBecky Says:

I like recording all the Christmas movies I find on on Lifetime, Hallmark Channel, ABCFamily, as well as Lifetime Movie Network. So far my favorite Christmas movie shown on tv is Snowglobe.


BlogspotBecky Says:

they all add up on my dvr too!


WV Nan Says:

Ok my Christmas movie buddies—I need help, so put on your elf thinking caps. This was a made for tv Christmas movie at least 15 years ago. It stared Ed Asner and some of it took place in Central Park. I remember the ending—Ed Asner knows he is dying and takes carraige rides around Central Park, I believe with his grandson. I believe it was some type of family reconcilliation theme. I enjoyed the movie and cried quite a bit. I cannot recall the name and I would love to find out if it is available anywhere.

Big thanks to my “Movie Buff Elf Team”.


Brandy Says:

Have you checked out That’s usually where I go to find a movie that a certain actor has been in.


hot-lunch Says:

I watched Shrek The Halls last night too, and it was pretty good!


Dani Says:

I remember growing up and looking forward to all the Christmas specials to be on tv. My mom would go through the tv guide and high-light all the shows we would watch. One of our favorites was Nestor, though we as kids didn’t like the fact he was so made fun of. It is sad that as a mom now, the shows aren’t on like they used to be. And the ones the do show on ABC Family are either not really Christmas, or sometimes are on late.

WV Nan, is the movie you are talking about called The Gathering?


WV Nan Says:

A big thank you to my Elf Team of movie buffs!

Dani, it was The Gathering with Ed Asner and Maureen Stapleton as his wife. I definitely enjoyed that movie. You helped my scrambled brain!

Thanks also to Brandy. I was not familiar with The movie isn’t out in any form, but there is hope that it will be released in DVD format at some later date.

Happy Christmas movie watching to all! Santa Caluse Is Coming to Town is on now!

Big cyber hugs,
WV Nan–a 60 year old kid at heart!


jeremy Says:

To hell with Christmas programming, we won’t get here. That’s why God created Mega Deluxe Box sets of Christmas shows. I have them all now. What do Canadians do when it is -20c outside, we watch tv…



green card Says:

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