Vacation Nightmare

I had the most bizarre dream last night. We were on our annual cruise, and it was a disaster. For starters for some reason I was with my brother and mom and not the BF. The room was tinier than usual, and we had no bathroom! We had to use a public one where all the showers and toilets were just sitting in the open for the whole world to see you doing your business.

My brother finally found our bathroom though, it was apparently hidden away and somehow we didn’t find it at first. It was a filthy mess of a nightmare and it looked like nobody had cleaned it in forever. So we were left with the dilemma do we use the dirty bathroom or the public bathroom?

My friend Keith was on the cruise with us, and as usual in the room next to us. He started text messaging me to come meet him down at the shops. For some reason he wanted me to buy some jacket or something. However I was unable to text him back. I was getting his texts on a watch, and I had no way to return them. I have no idea what that was about as I don’t even have a watch, I’ve used my phone as one for years. I don’t like wearing them.

The creme de-la-creme was when my mom and brother left for dinner, and I somehow lost my room key-card. For some reason I needed it to do everything, from get on the elevator to get into the dining room. So I had to take the steps all the way down to the pursers office to get a new card. No big deal, as usually the steps on cruise ships are really nice. For some reason though I was condemned to this dank dark stairwell inside the walls of the ship.

I have no idea why I had this dream at all. I think it reflects Black Friday 🙂


One Response to “Vacation Nightmare”

WV Nan Says:

I figured out some of your weird dream–you are always talking about having to clean your bathroom or it doesn’t get done! See you can’t leave that part of your personality at home–it goes on vacation with you! That’s ok–I’m a clean bathroom fanatic. My family was here for three days and I know I cleaned the bathroom at least three times a day. My grandson finally asked me how come the water runs so much when I go to the bathroom! Had to tidy up–freshen the toilet and sink, and put clean towels out at least three times a day–everyone did tub/shower patrol! Seven people and one bathroom–well–I know you understand!!

As for the rest of the dream–you are on your own–some weird scenario there!