Moving On Up!

So today I moved my mail and important documents over to the Mac, making the move complete. Well almost. Like I said there are a few programs (access) I still need on the PC. However I did switch the positions of my puters on the desk/table, putting the Mac front and center and the laptop to the side. I’m forcing myself to use the Mac and learn it.

My cold is slowly getting better. It’s gone to my ears at the moment, they are all plugged up. Yucky! It’s just pressure though, not an infection. Today was the first day I was able to get out of the house, as I needed to do some shopping. I bought some new warm jammies!

Why did I buy warm jammies? Well our heat decided to break the other day. The heater repairman had to come out today and fixed it the best he could, which means there could be more issues down the road. I’m sure we’ll get charged a pretty penny, but the heat is back for now. It’s bitterly cold here now, so I did not enjoy being without heat. We had space heaters, but they only work well in the small enclosed bedrooms. The living area was like an ice box.

Finally the Madonna concert was amazing. I hope though that it comes out on DVD, as I’d really like to see it without the distractions. Let’s just say there was some drama from some audience members around us. At times it was hard to figure out which show to watch.

Lets see first there were the two guys in front of us. One was clearly gay, the other it was obvious wasn’t sure. He certainly didn’t look it or sound it. He was a southern boy and he looked like he should be out hunting something. He insisted that he was only at the concert because the ticket was given to him, it was free. He then started flirting with the girls next to us. He was pretty toasted and when climbing over seats to get out, joked he might fall and his face could end up in their lap. Later however when he was smashed, he was all about grinding with his buddy and I believe there was even a quick peck. Then they disappeared for a very very long time. Bathroom stall break? When they came back suddenly the guy was more interested in the girls next to us, getting their numbers, chatting with them. He was totally ignoring his friend. I think someone had to prove his straightness! Of course he blew it when Madonna did an Evita number and he started singing it to the girls. I love Evita, but I was sober and I couldn’t even remember the words as well as he did!

Then there was another set of people near us who, oh lord, well it was a sad story. This woman’s husband had recently died, he was in the navy. She and her two gay friends were using the money to travel around and see Madonna, as she was a lifelong fan. She had a 9 month old baby, which she brought to this show, as it would be his first concert. Yes, she brought a 9 month old to a concert, a loud one. It soon became apparent that she and one of her friends were pretty high on something. They showed up smelling like pot actually. At one point she strips down to her bra, I guess she was hot? Had hot flashes? Well she got in trouble for that. Then at one point the baby gets hungry, so she whips out a tit to breast feed him. Oh it gets better, she has one of her friends take a photo of this! Yes, they needed to document breast feeding the kid at the Madonna concert. There was a lot more tragedy going on with them, but I’ll save it. Those were the highlights.

This is why I need the concert on DVD, I was rather distracted a lot 🙂


2 Responses to “Moving On Up!”

Tricia Says:

WOW! That’s quite the concert going experience. I too hope it comes out on DVD. Confessions did, so hopefully this one will too!


hot-lunch Says:

holy distractions! wow! Well i hope u had a great time and yes, i hope this comes out on DVD as well!