Thanksgiving Dinner

This year I’m cooking my very first Thanksgiving Dinner! It’s just for myself, the BF and his brother, so I’m not doing too much. Plus most of it’s prepared, I just need to heat it up 😛 On the menu is:

Turkey Breast (I don’t need a whole turkey)
Ham (cause I like it better than turkey)
Spiced Apples
Garlic Mash Potatoes
Creamed Spinach
A pie for desert (whatever is left at the farm, no pumpkin or pecan, bleck!)

I have in fact left off cranberries. I know it’s tradition, but I can’t stand them! I have never liked them, especially the canned jellied kind. YUCK!


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WV Nan Says:

Just sitting here making up my list of food for dinner and grocery store list–decided to see what you were up to! Try putting your turkey breast in a crock pot—tender and moist. Rub the turkey with onion soup mix, cover, cook one hour on high then 7 on low. This does a 6 pound one nicely. Last year mine was done in about 5 hours–fell off the bone!

We were supposed to meet at a cabin for five days with about 30 people—everyone started backing out, so tonight my “kids” asked if I would host Jen’s in-laws for dinner and Black Friday– the shopping madness–about 10 in all. Can’t wait—I jumped at the chance. Now I have to finish the Christmas tree because my grandson will be here-yipppee!!! Yep–I’m a mom and Nan at heart!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


WV Nan Says:

Will you share your spiced apples recipe? I might give it a try!


Dustin Says:

The apples are pre-made lol, just heat and serve.

I will try that turkey idea. I have a crock pot and onion soup mix!


BlogspotBecky Says:

we’re all getting ham from Honey Baked Ham Company. The side dishes are being prepared by each family member. I think so far we are having of course honey baked ham with spicey mustard for dipping maybe, cheesey and garlic mashed potatoes, hawaiian dinner rolls, key lime pie for dessert. along with some gallons of Milo’s tea. maybe a few other things like sausage balls for appetizers, etc. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Dustin.


boo1 Says:

I’ve cooked Thanksgiving Dinner the last 27 or 28 years, I’ve lost count. I’m making-2 turkeys, 1 large pan of sauage stuffing and a large pan of stove top for those who don’t like the sauage stuffing, a cheesy brocoli rice dish, mashed potatoes, sweet candied potatoes, corn, green beans, salad, gravy, biscuits, deviled eggs, canned jellied cranberries (husband loves the stuff), pumpkin pies, and peanut-butter pies. I usually make a ham too but we are only having 10 or 11 for dinner this year, I usually have 18 or more. HAPPY THANKSGIVING DUSTIN!


cassandra sappington Says:

Good for you! You’re first one? How old did you say you were? LOL!
Nan’s idea for the turkey breast sounds nice, easy & tasty!
For us it’s the first day off for 6 months, so we’ve got to get some things winterized here… sprinkler system, swimming pool, etc. I will cook a turkey, just because we have to eat, but nothing like everyone else? We also love to add artichokes as they really go well with turkey… Have a Great Turkey Day! (Ps: I HATE BLACK FRIDAY! Hope I have enough employees on staff that day!!)


BlogspotBecky Says:

forgot to mention one crucial thing we are also having green bean casserole you know the one where you make it with cream of mushroom soup and sprinkle those Durkee or French’s French fried onions over it. It looks and tastes better than describing it. 😀


Cheryl Says:

Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds delicious! I am going to my in-laws which is going to be nuts – I think they are having every side dish you could imagine. I am bring a lasagna – we are going to roll out of there!


Zan Says:

You must try Shannan’s pecan pie!!! I hated pecan pie until she convinced me to make hers. It’s the best! You love her, you trust her so make the pie already!!! Hope you and the BF have a special day together. Tell him I said hello too.


hot-lunch Says:

Happy Thanksgiving!!! hope you have a fantastic dinner! wish i was there! it sounds so yummy!!!