Mac, Madonna and a Cold

So yesterday the iMac arrived. I dragged my sick ass out of bed onto the couch thinking the Fed-Ex man would arrive as early as possible, which he did. I got it, then went back to bed. Yeah, I am sick. I somehow, from someone, got a lovely cold. When I find out who gave it to me, they will be punished.

I eventually did set the mac up, then giggled a lot. It’s big, so big, obscenely big. It dwarfs my laptop, which I always thought was rather too large for a laptop (it’s more of a desktop replacement really).

I’m still getting used to how it works. I did port all my photos and itunes over and was happy I got that far to be honest. I installed open office, which opens everything BUT my access databases. It seems this is an issue with the program right now, not the Mac. So if I need Access I guess I’m still chained to the PC for awhile 😉

For those who also wanted to convert and were looking for thoughts, there is a learning curve. Honestly had I not had a friend online helping me out, I would have been frustrated, especially with how to install programs on it. Programs are downloaded onto like these virtual disks on your desktop (which once you eject go into cyber space and are lost) and you have to move things from them to your applications folder to install them (think the programs folder on a PC). However you have to do it, it’s not done for you like on a PC usually. That took getting used to. I kept wondering where what I just installed went to!

The other thing that took getting used to is that mac interface is pretty much completely drag-n-drop. If you want a photo moved from one program to the other, drag it over to move or copy it, as opposed to the PC where it’s “Open file, select source/directory, select file.” There is something nice about that, yet as a PC user, it takes time to get used to.

The last big hurdle I have is moving my mail over, which I learned how to do today, I’m just not ready to tackle it yet. I might keep my mail on my laptop for the time being until I’m more settled on the mac.

Switching topics, tonight is Madonna! I’m stoked, but at the same time furious. How did I end up with this crummy cold right when Madonna comes to town? Oh I’m going, I just might be icky and miserable at the show. I’m sure I’ll be ready to come home and pass out the minute it’s over too.


9 Responses to “Mac, Madonna and a Cold”

boo1 Says:

The Mac looks great. I’m a complete computer dummy, but it sounds like you’re doing great moving everything over. Sorry you’re sick Dustin, sending *Get Well Wishes* Funny how we go back to what our Mom’s made us when we were sick as children. My Mom always made me chicken soup and let me drink all the 7-up I wanted. I still have it when I’m sick.


Tricia Says:

That’s too bad you are sick, but you’ll still love Madonna. I saw and LOVED her in Chicago!


hot-lunch Says:

Will you be my online support when I eventually make the switch??? I can’t wait to read more about your Mac adventures. Hope you had a grand time at Madonna! What was the request song? She did Like a Virgin here in Vancouver. Get well soon!!


Richard Says:

You may find the dock to be better set in auto-hide mode. That way you only see it when you mouse over it. Also pull off any icons you will not use frequently (they go poof!) as it will be easier to use. Like everything in mac you can grab things and move them so rearrange the positions of the icons to match the logic of your brain.

Apple has never made a decent mouse (don’t get me started about the puck-mouse) so you should consider replacing it with one from Microsoft or logitec.

A great thing about macs is the easy utility software, Tech tool pro will keep it from “running like a turd” You will notice a definite improvement in speed.


Richard Says:

One more suggestion, Rename your hard drive (icon in upper right corner) as it makes it easier to keep track of things when networking and such. Mine is “Bossa Nova”


Dustin Says:

Thanks for the tips. I already rearranged the icons to my liking and added a few things (open office, messengers). So far I actually like having the dock there, that might change.


Dustin Says:

She did Dress You Up here in Philly 🙂


BlogspotBecky Says:

That sounds so cool! I’m probably looking at buying a new computer in 2010, maybe then I’ll look into the iMac. Love the display, it looks so bright and futuristic!


Tricia Says:

She did Dress You Up in Chicago too!:)