I’ve been neglecting the blog and I do apologize. I had the whole “Monster Mania” convention on Friday and Saturday, and Saturday and Sunday I was cleaning house and doing school work. Today was more school work, as I’ve given myself a self imposed deadline for this weekend to get way too much done. I need to channel when I had real class imposed deadlines! My head will probably explode by this weekend.

I’ve been contemplating a huge decision, one that doesn’t have to be made for months . . . I think come January I’m actually leaving my laptop at home when the BF and I do our cruise. I’ve said I would do this for years, but this time I am in a position where I can do it. The iPhone and the PC’s on the cruise ship should do the trick for everything getting me my email in case crap happens. I just need a larger/second memory card for the camera. Let me tell you it will be nice not having to be a slave to a webpage on vacation for once, minus some blogging that is 🙂 The only negative side is that I won’t be able to upload photos until I return home. However on the cruise ship, it’s usually impossible to photo blog as is as the connection can be equivalent to dial-up.

A final thought, my birthday is a little over a week away. I’ve been thinking of going on an DVD shopping binge to buy some movies I’ve been meaning to get for awhile. I even made a list of what I want. They include “Penelope,” “Curiosity of Chance,” “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “Joy Luck Club,” “Teen Witch,” “Camp Sleepaway” and this little gem . . . .

Oh yes, I’m talking “Troop Beverly Hills!”


10 Responses to “It’s Cookie Time!”

Becky Says:

ooo those movies are all gems 🙂


Carrie Says:

I love Fried Green Tomatoes! That’s a good one 🙂


Cheryl Says:

I LOVED Troop Beverly Hills! It’s a definite classic!!!! Enjoy!


Becky Says:

“Troop Beverly Hills” and “Poltergeist” were the two movies that I brought with me when I was in labor with Seth! I love your movie list. And its about time you actually take a vacation and not worry about the internet!!


Emily Says:

SQUEE! Beverly Hills, What a thrill!


WV Nan Says:

Great movie choices–suggestion—before you hit amazon, go to your local WalMart–no I’m not receiving a comission. I find great movies there from $5-$7. Picked up Fried Green Tomatoes for $5 this past spring. Then what you can’t find you can order. If your order totals more than $25 you get free shipping and handling. I’ve learned to hit Target, WalMart and Circuit City for great five to seven dollar deals and no shipping and handling! I’m trying to build up a nice –“I’m struck in for the winter” stash of movies. Got The Bucket List for $7 the day it was released—I know it had to be a mistake–but it’s mine!

Happy movie hunting and early Happy Birthday!

So when is your birthday?


WV Nan Says:

ok–my eyes are tired—stuck in for the winter!


Dustin Says:

September 5th is my bday. I’ll give the other stores a try first


boo1 Says:

You and your BF both need a vacation without your laptop. My bday is the 18th, Oh Lord, I’ll be 49, YIKES. I’m not sure what I want for my bday. I’ve dropped a few hints to my daughter, I do want the cd from Duffy. I love all the movies you listed.


Sherri Says:

I agree with boo1, you two need a vacation without the computer. My birthday is the 21st. Hope your feeling better today.